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Year in Review at the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office, 2018

Matt Beauchamp
Colusa County District Attorney

One of the cases that had an enormous impact on the community this year was the hearing following the petition to be resentenced filed by Nathan Ramazini. Unfortunately, the citizens of California are going to see more and more of these types of hearings. Over the last few years, the California legislature has passed, and Governor Jerry Brown has signed, a multitude of ill-conceived ‘restorative justice’ statutes that, weaken the penal laws, benefit the evil-doer and ignore the victims of criminal conduct. In spite of the legislature’s ongoing modification of portions of the Penal Code, my office will continue to fight for, and be the voice of, victims of crime, their families, and the greater public. 

Here are some of the important criminal cases that my office resolved in 2018:

Nathan Ramazinni

Ramazinni appeared in the Colusa County Superior Court on a petition to be resentenced to 25 years to life. Ramazinni was originally sentenced in 1997 to life without parole for the murder of Erik Ingebretson. Ramazinni’s petition to be re-sentenced was denied after a four day hearing at the conclusion of which Judge Jeffrey Thompson found Ramazinni to be that rare individual who is “irreparably corrupted” and again re-sentenced Ramazinni to life without parole.

Juan Manuel Hernandez

Hernandez was on probation for felony domestic violence and multiple special allegations. Hernandez violated his probation and probation was terminated. Hernandez was sent to state prison for 15 years.

Ysidro Chico Arismendez and Shantrice Moon-Gomez

Arismendez pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder with a special allegation for causing great bodily injury during a botched robbery at the Colusa Casino. During the robbery, the victim attempted to flee and was shot in the chest by Arismendez. Arismendez received a sentence of 10 years to life imprisonment. 

Moon-Gomez pled no contest to attempted 2”d° robbery and admitted a special allegation that she knew her codefendant Ysidro Chico Arismendez was armed with a firearm during the attempted Colusa Casino robbery. Moon orchestrated the events that led up to the attempted robbery. Moon received 4 years in state prison.

Alex Leonard Azevedo

Acevedo was convicted at a jury trial of first-degree burglary. The jury also found numerous enhancements to be true. Azevedo had accumulated 10 prior felony convictions prior to his 2018 conviction for burglary. Azevedo received a state prison sentence of 18 years.

Lisa Belyew

Belyew was convicted by a Colusa jury of multiple felony offenses including domestic violence and assault with a knife. The jury also found true that she had inflicted great bodily injury on her husband. At the time of the trial, Belyew was a sentenced prisoner out of Butte County for domestic violence against the same victim. Belyew was sentenced in Colusa County Superior Court to 13 years in state prison.

Billy Glyn Sims

Sims, known as “Sapo” on the street, was convicted of first-degree burglary for forcibly breaking into the home of a female acquaintance. The victim escaped out a sliding glass door. Sims received a prison sentence of 6 years.

Zachary David Pomfret

Pomfret was arrested by the Colusa County Task Force while in the act of transporting for sale almost one-half pound of methamphetamine. Pomfret, who has a history of felony criminal conduct, including drug dealing, received a sentence of 4 years.

Tucker Otterson

Otterson, using a chainsaw, removed the head of a heifer belonging to cattlemen out of the Stonyford area. Otterson was convicted of felony grand theft of cattle/carcass and received 2 years in state prison.

James Thomas Vaughn

Vaughn was convicted of felony possession of stolen property in connection with thefts at construction sites in Williams. Vaughn possessed stolen property from other theft crimes that occurred in Fresno County and Sutter County. Vaughn was sentenced to state prison for 2 years.

Antonio Corona Negrete

Negrete was convicted of lewd conduct with a 14 year—old Maxwell juvenile. He was required to register as a convicted sex offender and received 2 years in state prison.■

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