Williams Dollar General now open


Other projects falling into place

The Colusa County Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony at the recently-opened Dollar General store in Williams on Thursday morning, and similar ceremonies will soon be in order as a handful of projects come to fruition around the city.
Colusa County’s first and only Starbucks – which the city and project developers figure will draw 450 to 500 cars per day – is currently under construction, as is the much-talked-about Love’s Travel Center. Both businesses are expected to be open by late summer or early fall, Williams City Administrator Frank Kennedy said.

“(Love’s) anticipated about a 180-day build, and they started in December,” Kennedy said. “Post-build, it takes about 60 (more) days to get it open… They’ll be open in the fall. It’s pretty much the same for Starbucks – 150 day build, and a little longer before the open – they estimated it would be 200 days from breaking ground to opening.”

In addition, Orv’s Farm Market – a fresh produce store going in at the Orv’s Travel Center on the west side of town – is “probably less than three months from opening,” Kennedy said.

Two additional projects that have made it through the planning process and are currently at the plan check phase are the O’Reilley’s Auto Parts and the Holiday Inn Express, both of which will be located on the east side of town. The Canna-Hub project, a cannabis business park development planned for the business park on the east side of town, is also moving forward.

“Canna-Hub is progressing along,” Kennedy said. “In the next 60 days, I think we’ll get a full application from them. We’re working out the last fine details of everything now.”

Kennedy said that he expected the new developments to begin snowballing over the next few years.

I think when you add Love’s, and their hotel that will come, you add Starbucks, Dollar General, and O’Reilley’s, that will spark things,” Kennedy said. “You will see some additional development in the next two years out there… in the business park.”

He added that the Canna-Hub project would also spur more development in the business park.

All of the new development in Williams could bode well for its coffers, though the city won’t have a concrete idea on how much additional tax revenue the new businesses will bring until well into 2019.

“What we’re really looking at is probably the third or fourth quarter of 2019 will be our new baseline, so to speak,” Kennedy said. “We have tax revenue reported to us about two quarters late.”■

Brian Pearson is the former Managing Editor & Reporter for the Williams Pioneer Review. Brian joined the Williams Pioneer Review in June 2016 and is committed to bringing hyperlocal news to its readers. A few of his projects included reporting local government and the sports page.