Saturday, July 24, 2021


Williams to see intersection improvements


Four intersection improvement projects will soon get underway in Williams. 

The Williams City Council is going out to bid on projects to install four new four-way stops, crosswalks, and ADA accessible ramps, and repair the pavement. 

The council agreed to spend $284,000 to boost safety at the intersection of E and Vann streets; the intersection of E and 8th streets; the intersection of 7th and F streets; and the intersection of 7th and D streets.

The City Council previously authorized $900,000 for street pavement repairs at various locations, City Administrator Frank Kennedy said. The news intersections bring the total the city plans to spend on repairs to just over $1 million. 

The city also has an eye on doing other projects, which are not budgeted at this time, Kennedy added. 

Those projects include E Street, east of Vann Street to the irrigation channel, at a estimated cost of $124,000; E Street, west of Vann Street to the I-5 bridge deck, at a cost of $345,000; E Street, west of the I-5 bridge deck to the southbound ramps, at a cost of $132,000; and Vada Court and Vann Street, north of E Street, at a cost of $250,000.

Kennedy said none of the work is needed now, but the city would likely have to address the improvements in the next year to 18 months. 

“We are expecting some development in the Vada Court area,” Kennedy said. “All the north end of Vann Street and Vada Court would need to be reconditioned prior to that development coming in. We haven’t received an application yet, but we have been notified by the developers that there is serious interest.”

Although Kennedy said the developers said they would not come to the city unless Vada Court was repaired, Mayor Chuck Bergson said that should be negotiated. 

“We don’t have to do it,” Bergson said. “Generally if a street is that bad, they can ask us to do it. We can consider doing it.”

Bergson said the cost of redoing that road is small relative to the cost of the entire development, and that the city may only have impact fees to contribute toward the cost.

“To say if the roads aren’t done they won’t come here, then that is their decision,” Bergson said. “I don’t think we should be held hostage based on someone coming in the door.” 

Troughton said that until repaired, Vada Court should be blocked off entirely and not used.  

“That street was ground out,” Troughton said. “It was paved originally by the developers, and the trucks would make U-turns. When they turn those double axles sideways, it eats the pavement alive. You cannot turn around in there with those trailers without doing that.” 

Troughton said once the street is improved, the city would also need to restrict truck traffic. 

“If we do that work, and it ends up not developing, and we leave it open, it will end up in the same condition as it is now. And that doesn’t make any sense.”

The City Council agreed to go ahead with the new intersections, but hold off on the remaining projects until they have money budgeted for additional improvements. ■

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