Sunday, July 25, 2021


Big rig hauling cement slabs for Colusa’s boat ramp overturns, dumps cargo on Highway 45

City Manager still expects to meet deadline for ramp construction

One of three tractor-trailers hauling pre-fabricated cement panels for the City of Colusa’s boat ramp didn’t quite make it to it’s destination on Thursday morning.

According to California Highway Patrol Officer Kristen Murphy, the tractor-trailer, owned by Universal Pre-Cast Concrete Inc., was traveling south on Highway 45 at about 7 AM on Thursday morning, at the bend just south of Harbison Road – about two miles north of Colusa. Murphy said that as the driver came into that curve, the straps holding the cement slabs onto the truck broke, causing both cement slabs to slide off into the roadway and the tractor-trailer to tip over.

While no one was hurt as a result of the crash, Highway 45 was closed for approximately five hours – from about 7:25 AM to 1 PM – before CalTrans moved the slabs out of the roadway to reopened it, Murphy said.

Although two of the concrete panels were destroyed in the crash, enough of them arrived safely for SnL (the contractor building the boat ramp) to continue on schedule. The panels that made it will bring the ramp above the water level, which Cain said would prevent any significant delays in the project.

“My biggest concern is I wanted to make sure that we were out of the water. No concrete can touch water until it’s cured for 28 days,” Cain said. “(But) the two that are (being replaced) are going to be 14 feet above water, so that gives us plenty of time.”

Initially, Cain thought that the city would have to approve another change order, in order to allow SnL to pour the remainder of the concrete in place, rather than wait for two more pre-casted panels from Universal Precast Concrete to arrive. SnL submitted a change order to do the additional “cast in-place” work, but it turned out the work wouldn’t be needed.

“Universal Pre-Cast, after the incident, put all hands on deck Friday, and the two panels that were destroyed, they poured and replaced them. They’re going to eat all of that,” Cain said. “They will be delivered on Thursday.”

Cain said that SnL plans to start placing the first of the panels on Wednesday.

“All the other panels are here. They’re actually out in the parking lot (at the State Park),” Cain said.

The deadline for construction to be completed on the boat ramp is Nov. 21, Cain added, and said that he anticipates the project will be completed by or before that date.

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