Notice to Property Owners – City of Colusa – Parks, Trees, and Pool Public Facilities Assessment District



Notice to Property Owners of
Public Meeting and Protest Hearing

Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday May 1, 2018  at 6:00 p.m,. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard, at the Colusa City Council Chamber, 425 Webster Street, Colusa, CA  95932, the City Council of the City of Colusa shall hold a public meeting at which public testimony will be heard regarding the assessments proposed to be levied in the Parks, Trees, and Pool Public Facilities Assessment District.

The City Engineer has proposed a continuation of the assessments levied by Parks, Trees, and Pools Public Facilities District in the amount of $36.00 per single family equivalent benefit unit.  The total amount chargeable to the entire District is estimated at $81,864.

The purpose of the Parks, Trees, and Pools Public Facilities Assessment District is generally described as the installation of public improvements including but not limited to: streets, drainage, landscaping, irrigation systems, lighting, fencing, water and sewer systems, and all necessary appurtenances including the cost of labor and materials and other incidental costs applicable for the proper operations and maintenance with the Assessment District boundaries which are maintained by the City of Colusa, or their contractors.

At the public hearing on May 1, 2018, all interested persons shall be afforded the opportunity to hear and be heard.  The City Council shall consider all verbal statements and all written protests or communications made or filed by interested persons.  Additional information may be obtained from the City Clerk, 425 Webster Street, Colusa, CA  95932. 

Any interested person may protest the proposed assessment.  Written protests must state all grounds of objection.  Protests by property owners must contain a description sufficient to identify the property owned.  Written protests may be sent to the City Clerk.  Written protests filed by owners of a majority of the area included in the proposed assessment district will cause the proceedings for the levying of the assessment to be abandoned.

04/11/2018 – #2018-0520