Monday, July 26, 2021


Andreotti Et. Al. Public Notice for WY 2018 Water Transfer

Pending final approval by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, the Estate of Beverly F.

Andreotti, the Estate of Arnold A. Andreotti, Michael D. Andreotti, and Mark C. Andreotti intend to transfer up to 1500 acre-feet of Central Valley Project contracted water supply during Water Year 2018 to Westside Water District (Daniel Ruiz, General Manager, 5005 State Hwy 20, Williams, CA) as part of the Bureau of Reclamation’s permitted temporary water transfer program. Westside Water District is a Central Valley Project water service contractor within watersheds of origin as those terms are utilized under California law and this transfer is in accordance with the provisions of the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (Section 3405(a)(1)(M).

Comments or inquiries concerning the proposed action can be addressed to Mark Andreotti,; P.O. Box 275, Colusa, CA 95932.

09/05/2018 – #2018-1136

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