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Letter to the Editor (12/05/2018)


Len Bolen and I want to share with you just one story that came from the Thanksgiving meal this year. As the hour for the meal was almost complete, a gentleman came into the social hall, delivering notices of his company’s temporary location in Colusa County as a result of the fire and evacuation from Paradise.  We asked him if he would like some food and he said he could eat.  So he sat down and enjoyed some dinner.  While he was eating his story unfolded.  He was going around the county, putting up posters looking to hire caregivers.  He is involved with a non-profit company supporting adults with developmental disabilities with a place to work, play and live. They are temporarily being housed at the Migrant Camp in Williams. The company is in immediate need of dependable caregivers. This gentleman had an opportunity to talk to many people who could reach out in Colusa County and find the assistance needed.  Again we asked him if he would like some food and he looked at his plate and said he was already eating. We said no, would you like some food?  We have plenty that you could take back to the location where you are staying to share with others.  We were able to give him many pans of turkey, ham, vegetables and pies.  He was overwhelmed and we were blessed to be able to provide for his need at that time. To all who gave of their time, talents, funds and food, thank you.  You were able to provide for those we had planned on serving and those God had planned that we serve.

Len Bolen & Robin Rauch

Colusa, CA

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