Local law enforcement are searching for a black, 2011 Toyota Sienna Van with the license plate of 6NYB823, which may be connected to Salvador Garcia, Jr., who has evaded police since Jan. 13, after he was last seen at a fundraising event for the victims of a vehicle crash that killed five young people from Williams.

The vehicle was reported stolen to the Williams Police Department this afternoon. It has been entered into the law enforcement computer system as stolen.

Garcia, Jr. is wanted for the murder of Karen Garcia, the 21-year-old mother of his child, who on Jan. 13 was still reported as missing.

Karen’s body was found in her car in a parking lot in Woodland on Jan. 14, the same day local police found blood in Garcia Jr.’s vehicle.

DNA tests have not yet confirmed that the blood is Karen’s, but law enforcement has issued a warrant for Garcia’s Jr.’s arrest.

Anyone with information or anyone who has spotted this vehicle is urged to contact the Colusa Police Department at (530) 458-7777 or the Williams Police Department at 530-473-2661. Anyone seeing this van outside of the Colusa and Williams area, should contact their local law enforcement office.