Saturday, July 24, 2021


Williams Antique Show canceled

The Spanish English Committee of Williams (SPENCOW) announced that it will not be hosting the annual Williams Antique Show this March.

“It is with regret that the 41st annual Williams Antique Show will not be held this year,” said Eddie Johnson, SPENCOW president, in a press release.

Johnson stated that even with the event four decades in the making, the interest in antiques have lessened.

“Publications such as the New York Times, the Financial Times, and the Economist have recently featured articles about the falling trends in older furniture, changing demographics and their effects on the antique market,” Johnson wrote. “Unfortunately these trends have caught up to the Williams Antique Show.”

The Williams Antique Show was started by the Sacramento Valley Museum as one of its biggest fundraisers. In 2014, when the Sacramento Valley Museum approached the City of Williams to take the event over, the City contracted with Professional Event Services to host the show that year. In 2015, the Williams City Council voted to hand the event over to a local non-profit, SPENCOW.

“A tradition that for 40 years has brought thousands of people to Williams and raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Sacramento Valley Museum is hard to let go,” said Johnson. “The Committee and the Museum will be looking at re-purposing antique weekend in Williams for the future.”

For further information, SPENCOW can be contacted via phone at (530) 324-2729 or ■.

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