Democratic Central Committee launched in Colusa County

Over 20 attended the Colusa County Democratic Central Committee formation meeting on Feb. 8.


A small group of concerned residents met recently and formed the county’s first Democratic Central Committee in two decades.

The Colusa County Democratic Central Committee hopes to drive the front-line efforts of the California Democratic Party by educating voters, protecting the right to vote, and working to elect candidates who will fight for the committees’ values.

“We all deserve a voice. We need a formal part of the Democratic party in Colusa County,” said Pam DaGrossa who was selected to serve as the committee chairperson. “Registered democrats in our County are not being fully represented and not having full voices. So Colusa is being left out of the process. We are working to change that.”

After moving to Colusa five years ago, DaGrossa said she was shocked to not find a Democratic Central Committee in the County.

“I went to look up the local Democratic Committee and I couldn’t find one,” DaGrossa said. “I searched the state website and found no information. I even contacted the state for information and no response was given. It was frustrating.”

Just over a year ago, DaGrossa learned that Williams resident Pat Ash was also experiencing the same frustrations.

“When I discovered that Pat was looking to get a committee started, I told her that I wanted to do that, too, I wanted to help her,” said DaGrossa who served on the Hawaii Democratic State Central Committee for a number of years.

Ash, whose husband Kevin tried to get a committee started a number of years ago, was frustrated by the process.

“Two years ago I went to a workshop for women hosted by Senator John Garamendi, and as I was sitting at a table, the participants were talking about their local democratic committees,” said Ash, “I thought, ‘we don’t have that,’”

Ash then said she approached the assistant of Senator John Garamendi.

“I asked her, ‘how do we do this? I want to get one started,’” Ash said. “She pointed me to a few people, and over a period of two years there were a lot of starts and stops. That was until I met with Pam.”

Ash said that with DaGrossa’s experience, she knew they both could get something started.

“I could rally the troops, and she knew how to get it all started,” she said.”

On February 8, about 27 individuals gathered at the Tuscan Lodge in Williams and formed a Democratic Central Committee for Colusa County.

“I was pretty heartened by the level of energy, interest, and intelligence that was present there,” said DaGrossa. “We only needed 20 to get this started and we are approaching 30.”

“These are people that are interested in participating in the committee,” DaGrossa said.

Both DaGrossa and Ash are hopeful for more participation.

“I am finding more people that are interested, or looking to jump ship. If there was ever a better time for the Democratic Party to get other votes, it would be this year,” said. Ash. “We used to have a huge democratic presence.”

“It’s really important to have a committee in each county so that people have more access to understanding how political parties work,” said DaGrossa. “We really want to try to have every community well represented.”

Selected to serve as officers are Pam DaGrossa, Chairperson; Pat Ash, Vice Chairperson; Ed Davis, Secretary; Mary Anderson, Treasurer; and Tami Coder, Parliamentarian. The committee meets on the fourth Thursday of every other month starting in April.

“We invite anyone interested in the Democratic Party to come,” said DaGrossa.

For more information call Pam DaGrossa (530) 619-0032 or Pat Ash (530) 520-0096. ■

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