Grand Island students host Mothers Tea


Each year Grand Island Elementary School students host a special event honoring their mothers.

“The annual event has taken place during the middle of February for over the past 40 years,” said Blake Kitchen, Grand Island Vice Principal. “The Mothers Tea gives the 5th grade girls an opportunity to learn about proper serving techniques, and the boys learn the correct etiquette of how to escort a lady to their seat.”

According to Kitchen, Those in attendance were treated to delicious desserts, coffee, and tea. Additionally, the Grand Island Parents Club decorated the tables, and entertainment was provided by the students and their music teacher Ron Rector.

“Ron had several classes sing musical classics for the audience,” said Kitchen.

Kitchen said that he would like to give many thanks to the events biggest supporter.

“Rose Ann Ellis, our Grand Island Community Ambassador, has never missed a Mothers Tea,” said Kitchen. “We wanted to give her a big shout out for her support.”

The event concluded with Grand Island Students walking the runway to show-off their cardboard “Valentine” mailbox creations.

“Those in attendance were asked to vote for their favorite mailboxes as there were eight categories to vote on, from the ¨craziest mailbox¨ to the ¨most colorful mailbox¨,” said Kitchen. “A fun time was had by all at Grand Island’s annual Mothers Tea.”■