Saturday, July 24, 2021


City gets report of pot odor from Greenleaf facility


On Wednesday, roughly two weeks after Greenleaf Processors began operations at their cannabis extraction facility on the north end of 5th Street, the City of Colusa received its first legitimate report of a nuisance odor emanating from the building.

At around 1:12 PM on March 7, City Manager Jesse Cain was notified by an employee at a nearby business that there was a strong smell of cannabis coming from the facility. When Cain responded to the facility to investigate, he determined that the report was substantiated.

“It was the third call we had, but the first legitimate complaint, in my opinion, that we received,” Cain said. “…It was a pretty heavy smell.”

After speaking with Greenleaf representatives, Cain learned that the smell was coming from a storage room, and was caused by an unfiltered exhaust fan, he said. Cain said that when the fan was shut off, the smell went away almost immediately. He said on Thursday that Greenleaf’s representatives intended to put a new filter on the storage room’s exhaust fan, and were looking into some other filtration system options as well.

“They said that they’re not going to run the fan until it is filtered,” Cain said on Thursday, adding that he was told the facility was not doing any extraction at the time of the report, and had not been in the four or five days prior, either.

Greenleaf CEO Brett Gaumond confirmed in a statement on Monday that there was an odor issue at the facility, and said the company had immediately taken steps to fix the problem.

“Last week (we) were contacted about a odor issue coming from our facility.  We addressed the issue right away and found that one of our odor filters had failed,” said Gaumond. “We have since replaced this filter to fix the issue at hand. We would like to thank all of our surrounding neighbors for reaching out. The weeks prior, we had sent out a letter for emergency contact for our surrounding neighbors to call if there are any arising issues, so the system that the city and Greenleaf has put in place is working, and we were able to address it in a timely matter.”

Cain said that while he understands that commercial cannabis activities are new for everyone, the city would be holding developers to the commitments they have made in their Development Agreements, Special Use Permits, and Regulatory Permits.

“There is going to be some trial and error, but they said no smell, so we’re going to hold them to that,” Cain said.

Colusa residents who wish to report a nuisance odor from a cannabis facility should call Colusa City Hall during regular business hours, and either the Colusa Police Department or Colusa Fire Department after hours. Complaints can also be sent via email toâ– 

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