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Woodland Community College announces free college promise program for Fall of 2018

Beginning fall 2018, all first time students will not pay fees at the Woodland main campus or Lake County and Colusa County Campuses. The “WCC Promise” program, scheduled for a fall 2018 semester launch, requires new WCC students to enroll in at least 12 units as a full-time student. Students must also choose a short-term occupational certificate, university transfer preparation, or an Associate degree as their academic program of choice when enrolling at WCC. Successful fall 2018 WCC full-time Promise students who return in the spring semester of 2019 will enjoy the same free college benefit for that term as well. 

The WCC Promise program incentivizes students to enroll as full-time students and to continue from the first semester to the next. National research shows these student behaviors are associated with academic program completion. Since full-time California community college student fees total over $550 each semester, parents and students will save well over $1,000 for the 2018 fall and 2019 spring semesters. The WCC Promise will also save tens of thousands of dollars for those parents who might otherwise send their son or daughter to a four-year institution immediately after high school. Woodland Community College is recognized for its four-year transfer programs to the UC and CSU institutions as well as its short-term career certificates. 

“It was only a few decades ago when a high school diploma ensured Americans had the skills they needed for good paying jobs. Today, over 65 percent of all job openings require a college degree or skill set acquired only with some level of college education. A workforce certificate or Associates degree from Woodland Community College will absolutely translate to a better life via the individual’s skill acquisition and upward social mobility. For careers requiring a Baccalaureate degree, the same upward social mobility is realized when the individual transfers after two years from WCC and later graduates from a university. Our College has been providing free classes to high school students, called dual enrollment, for two or three years now. Our new WCC Promise program now offers that life-changing opportunity to every new fall 2018 WCC student”, said WCC President, Dr. Michael White

Summer and fall 2018 WCC class schedules will be available in print and online in April. Parents and students are encouraged to visit the College website at for more information as the fall 2018 registration period nears. Admissions, Counseling, and Financial Aid Office hours are posted on the website for those parents and students wishing to take advantage of this exciting WCC Promise program.■

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