East Park open for summer fun 



East Park Reservoir is open for the summer for camping, boating and fishing. 

Colusa County manages the recreational activities at the lake, which was built primarily for irrigation purposes.  

The park opened the weekend of April 14 with about 70 percent occupancy, according to Assistant Public Works Director Mike Azevedo.

Azevedo said the installation of the spillway flashboards last month was successful, thanks to help from the Orland Water Users and Bureau of Reclamation, and helped raise the water level about 18 inches and allowed for additional water storage. 

“We should have water all summer,” Azevedo said. 

People wishing to visit the park can get information on the county’s website at countyofcolusa.org or make reservation at visitcolusacounty.com. 

The day use fee is $8, and gives access to the lake from 6 AM to 10 PM. General camping is $15 a night, which includes overnight camping in non-designated areas. 

Designated campsite fee is $20; group area fee is $75. 

Colusa County residents receive a 50 percent discount on all fees. 

East Park Reservoir was authorized in 1907 by the federal government as a storage facility to provide irrigation waters, under the Orland Project. The recreational area is located approximately 20 miles west of Maxwell. A second entrance to the park is two miles southeast of Stonyford. 

Total land area around the reservoir is 2,468 acres. Total water surface is 1,820 acres. ■

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