Salinas Valley man takes all-around rodeo title


Doyle Hoskins won the all-around cowboy honors at the 75th annual Stonyford Rodeo, held May 5-6 in western Colusa County.

The 24-year-old Salinas Valley resident took home $1,623 of the total $30,659 weekend payout, placing first ($1,465) in team roping with partner Joseph Shawnego, of Oakdale, and sixth ($157) in tie-down roping.

The honor follows his March 31, 2018 all-around win at the High Desert Stampede Professional Rodeo in Redmond, Ore.

The Stony Creek Horsemen’s Association sponsored the two-day rodeo, which included Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association events, as well as amateur events.
Professional standings

Bareback Riding:

First place: Grant Denny, 82 points on Bridwell Pro Rodeos’ Lilly Loose Lips, $940; Second place: Wyatt Denny, 79.5, $705; Third place: Casey Meroshnekoff, 79, $470; Fourth place: Brent Bannon, 75, $235.

Steer wrestling:

Frist place: Blaine Jones: 5.5 seconds, $1,147; Second place: Dillon Hushour, 8.8, $860; Third place: Dane Browning, 9.2, $573; Fourth place: Ryle Smith, 9.3, $287.

Team roping:

First place: Doyle Hoskins/Joseph Shawnego, 5.2 seconds, $1,465 each; Second place: Victor Ugalde/Jeffrey Larson, 6.0, $1,213; Third place (tie) Hayes Smith/Justin Davis and Trey Blackmore/Matt Costa, 6.5, $834 each; Fifth place: C.J. DeForest Jr./Andy Holcomb, 11.3, $455; Sixth place: Jake Raine/Corey Walker, 11.6, $253.

Saddle bronc riding:

First place: Johnny Espeland, 81 points on Bridwell Pro Rodeos’ Frontier, $1,147; Second place: Colton Carter, 80, $860; Third place: Jake Wright, 79, $573; 4. Allen Boore, 77, $287.

Tie-down roping:

First place: Jordan Ketscher, 9.3 seconds, $913; Second place: Jerrad Hofstetter, 10.2, $756; Third place: Adam Gray, 11.2, $598; Fourth place: Bo Pickett, 12.0, $441; Fifth place: Colton Farquer, 12.2, $283; Sixth place: Doyle Hoskins, 12.4, $157.

Barrel racing:

First place: Vicky Cook, 17.26 seconds, $910; Second place: Mary Jo Camera, 17.41, $791; Third place: Brittney Barnett, 17.68, $673; Fourth place: Cheyenne Hattesen, 17.70, $554; Fifth place: Lyndee Stairs, 17.71, $435; Sixth place: (tie) Cathy Cagliari and Syd Wheeler, 17.74, $257 each; Eighth place: Shelbi Thall, 17.80, $79.

Bull riding:

First place: *Lon Danley, of Tularosa, New Mexico, 83.5 points on Bridwell Pro Rodeos’ Clean-n-sober, $1,247; Second place: Ryan McConnel, 83, $970; Third place: Chase Dougherty, 81.5, $727; Fourth place: Colton Dougherty, 71, $520; no other qualified rides. (*all totals include ground money).

Amateur standings

Junior Steer Riding:

First Place: Braedyn Schweninger, 89 pts; Second place: Hunter Hughes, Corning, 72 pts.
Ladies Barrel Race: First place: Corolee Williams, Magalia, 17.309 sec.; Second place: Nahe Nobriga, 17.357 sec.; Third place: Audrey Antonwich, Duham, 17.420 sec.: Fourth place: Chelsea Glanz, Discovery Bay, 17.498 sec.

Team Roping:

First place: Willie Worley and Justin Weber, Arbuckle, 6.2 sec.; Second place: Wyatt Weisenberger, Oroville, and Spike Sprague 6.8 sec.; Third place (tie) Ken Cook, Willows and Jim Parker, San Francisco, 7.1 sec. and Cole Hook, Red Bluff, and Robert Jones, Red Bluff.

Mutton Bustin Saturday:

Best Dressed: Gracia Sims, Discovery Bay; Wildest Ride, Brody Stokes, Orland; First place buckle: Cade Campbell, Princeton.

Mutton Bustin Sunday:

Best Dressed: Ty Roenspie, Orland; Wildest Ride: Lane Roenspie, Orland: First place buckle: Kolton Saunders, Elk Creek.

Bridwell Pro Rodeos was the stock contractors. Don Jesser was the announcer. Specialty act: John Payne. Bullfighters: Eric Layton and Tim O’Connor. Clown/barrelman: JJ Harrison. Flankman: Tim Bridwell. Chute boss: John Wright. Pickup men: Bobby Marriott and Matt Twitchell. Photographer: Dustin Olson. Music director: Anita Jesser. ■

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