Allison Traynham crowned 2018 Colusa County Mini Miss

Allison Traynham, 12, of Colusa, was crowned the 2018 Colusa County Mini Miss at the Colusa County Fair grandstands Wednesday night.

Allison Traynham of Colusa will wear the crown of Mini Miss Colusa County until this time next year.

The 12-year-old daughter of Don and Jennifer Traynham was crowned the 2018 Mini Miss after dazzling judges with her singing talent, personal interview, and visual poise on Wednesday night.

Although the Colusa County Fair doesn’t officially open until Thursday, June 7, the pageant drew hundreds of people to the grandstands.

Traynham, who was crowned by outgoing Mini Miss Alexis Avera and 2017 Miss Colusa County Hannah Azevedo, beat out five other contestants, whom judges said were stunning on stage and extremely talented.

Shelby Dunlap, 12, of Maxwell, was first runner-up, and picked up the Miss Friendship award, a pageant title similar to Miss Congeniality, and voted on by the other contestants.

Allie Reading, 12, of Colusa, Bella Badaluco, of Maxwell, Ariana Avera, of Colusa, and Letzy Ambriz, 12, of Arbuckle, also competed for the title.

“It’s sad that there can be only one Mini Miss,” Avera said. “Each of the girls are deserving in their own way. What I have enjoyed most about my reign was getting to know people and getting to know their talents. I have met so many wonderful people, and I will never forget any of them. Mini Miss was a great experience for me, and I learned a lot of things. I learned that sharing your talent and personality is one of the greatest things you can do, and you should do it with every chance that you have.”

For her talent, Traynham donned the iconic red and white dress of Little Orphan Annie, and belted out the legendary song “Tomorrow,” performed in the original Broadway production “Annie” in 1977, and the 1982 movie by the same name.

Dunlap performed a mixed hip-hop dance entitled “Don’t Stop Believing.”

For their wins, Traynham and Dunlap each won cash and gifts, valued at more than $1,000, and donated by individuals and local businesses throughout Colusa County.

The Colusa County Fair opens day at 5 PM. The Colusa County Mini Miss Pageant gets underway at the grandstands at 8 PM.

The Colusa County Fair Parade will be held in downtown Colusa at 6 PM on Friday, and the Mr. Cinderfella Pageant headlines Saturday night at 8:30 PM.

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