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COLUSA COUNTY FAIR PREVIEW – Five vying for title of ‘Mr. Cinderfella’ on Saturday night

Since its inception in 2012, the ‘Mr. Cinderfella’ pageant at the Colusa County Fair has become quite the attraction, as boys from five Colusa County High Schools compete to raise funds for the school program or organization of their choosing.

In a spoof of the traditional beauty pageant, contestants – while donning dresses, heels and makeup – must perform one lip-syncing musical act and answer a series of interview questions on stage. They’re judged based on their performance in those two categories, as well as for their poise. Each category is weighted equally in their final score.

At its core, Mr. Cinderfella is a comedic entertainment event, and people pack the stands every year to see their friend, family member, teammate or fellow student teetering across the stage in drag and speaking in a falsetto. While the event is intended to be funny, the money the boys are competing for is no joke: Mr. Cinderfella earns $1,500 total – a $500 scholarship for themselves, and a $1,000 prize for a the program of their choosing at their high school. The first-runner up earns $500 for their chosen school program.

Traditionally, the Mr. Cinderfella Pageant has taken place on Friday night at the grandstands. This year, however, fair organizers have shaken things up: Saturday is for the boys. The Mr. Cinderfella pageant is scheduled to take place at 8:30 PM at the Fairgrounds Grandstands.

2018 Mr. Cinderfella Contestants

Sean Scholes, 17, is an incoming senior at Pierce High School. Scholes has not yet indicated which program at Pierce High he intends to donate his winnings to.

Cody Pearson, 17, is an incoming senior at Maxwell High School. Pearson intends to donate his winnings to the Maxwell High School Baseball Program.

Jake Bell, 18, is a recent graduate of Maxwell High School. He intends to donate his winnings to the 2018-19 Maxwell High School Football Team.

Charlie Franklin, 17, is an incoming senior at Colusa High School. Franklin is planning on donating his winnings to the Colusa High School Cross Country Program.

Francisco Diaz, 17, is a incoming senior at Pierce High School. He plans to donate his winnings to the Pierce High School Football Program.

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