Azevedo trades crown for Ag teaching credentials.


“I didn’t think it would go by so fast,” said 2017 Miss Colusa County, Hannah Azevedo.
On Thursday, June 7, Azevedo crowned 18-year-old, Bailey Wilson, as the 2018 Miss Colusa County.

“I am so happy for Wilson,” said Azevedo. “She will have an amazing time. I wish her the best of luck.”

For Azevedo, her year of reign as Miss Colusa County was filled with school sports activities, FFA, FBLA events, community service projects and meeting new people.

“I attended many ribbon cuttings, the new opening of the hospital, the breast cancer bowling event, the Farm-to-Fork dinner, it was a crazy busy year,” said Azevedo.

“I quickly had to learn time management and how to remember everyone I met. The biggest challenge was remembering everyone’s name,” she said.

One of the most frustrating things about the title was the crown.

“It takes 52,000 bobby pins!” she said jokingly. “Now I know why prior 2016 Mini Miss Ellie Geyer gave me a box of them. You can never have enough bobby pins. There all over the place in my car and my room. Even when you have it on, it still moves around.”

Azevedo said she was going to pass along the tradition and give Wilson a box of bobby pins to get started.

“She’s going to need them,” said Azevedo.

Azevedo said that she learned that communication was a crucial part to the title.

“Being Miss Colusa County made me realize that communicating with people isn’t all that difficult, and you have to make a little effort to be outgoing. Once you’ve learned how to communicate with people, you will get further in life,” she said.

Some of Azevedo’s favorite events attended as Miss Colusa County was the Colusa County Farm Show.

“I loved the Farm Show. I loved walking around, meeting new people, and sharing my story,” she said.

It’s a good thing that Azevedo enjoyed the Farm Show as she will be attending many more in the future.

“I will be attending Fresno State and obtaining my Ag Teaching credentials in agribusiness,” said Azevedo. “I want to come back to Colusa County and teach our future generations.”

If you remember back to Azevedo’s first interview with this publication, she said she was going to become a neonatal surgeon; however she had a change of heart.

“Agriculture has always been a big part of my life, and becoming a doctor would cut Ag out of my life,” she said. “It made me sad to think about that.”

Azevedo said that she loves working with children, and thought of a better opportunity.

“My Ag Teacher, Kristi Hill influenced me. I want to be just like her. She is passionate about her students and passionate about agriculture.”

As she packs her bags and prepares for her journey at Fresno State, Azevedo leaves behind a few words of advice for 2018 Miss Colusa County, Bailey Wilson.

“Don’t try to drive with your crown on, and always, always, have bobby pins on you. You will never have enough, and you never know when you will need them,” said Azevedo.

She added, “Always have fun. It really will be over before you know it. And remember to keep your stage sash and your event sash separate.”

Azevedo would like to thank everyone who has helped her over the year, and she is excited to see where her journey leads to next.

“I believe that every girl should have the opportunity to become Miss Colusa County,” said Azevedo. “It truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” ■

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