Saturday, July 24, 2021


CalTrans installs new signs in Colusa

Out of town motorists navigating their way through Colusa will have an easier time finding their way to neighboring towns, now that CalTrans has completed the installation of three new overhead roadsigns surrounding the intersection of Market and Tenth streets.

The agency installed three signs in Colusa – one on Tenth Street at Jay Street, facing northbound traffic on Highway 20, one on Market Street near Ninth Street, facing westbound Highway 20/45, and one on Market Street near 11th Street, facing eastbound Highway 45 traffic.

According to Colusa City Manager Jesse Cain, the project has been around three years in the making. Around a year and a half ago, the city council adopted a resolution to enter into a Land Management Agreement (LMA) with CalTrans. In exchange for the CalTrans installing the more aesthetically pleasing brown poles that the signs are now perched atop, the city agreed to take responsibility for the regular maintenance of the signs, Cain said.

Two more such roadsigns are on the way, pending the completion of the Bridge Street/Highway 20 Improvement Project.

“The reason they are holding off on those is because they are getting ready to start on the project,” Cain said. “If the project had been another two or three years out, they probably would have installed them with the other signs. But there was no sense in doing it twice.”

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