Flag over Maxwell Cemetery now illuminated


The American Flag at the Maxwell Cemetery is now flying around the clock, thanks to continued financial support from the community.

The Maxwell Cemetery District board recently installed a solar panel that will generate enough power to keep the flag illuminated, an advisory rule under the United States Flag Code, adopted June 22, 1942, regarding the proper display of the America’s stars and stripes after dark.

“We can now fly the flag 24 hours a day because we have put a light on it,” said Maria Carrancho, a trustee with the Maxwell Cemetery District. “It is not as much bright as I would have liked, but I understand we are legal. I’m tickled pink.”

The Maxwell community, through donations and memorial contributions, has invested in beautification projects since the 1990s, when Olivia Baber first set a goal to fence the cemetery, Carrancho said.

Carrancho said the board also recently completed the sanding and painting of the fence on the Sutton Road side of the cemetery, thanks to the effort of H&R Quality Painting of Colusa, who put in long hours getting the project completed in time for Memorial Day.
While the flagpole and the fencing have been the two biggest projects using beautification funds, there are a number of smaller improvements that also lend to the beauty of cemetery, including new trash receptacles on cement slabs, and the installation of the three wrought iron benches that had been previously donated.

re going to install more benches, and our goal is also to plant more trees,” Carrancho said.
Carrancho added that the Maxwell Cemetery board would continue to take donations and memorial contributions.

“The money goes 100 percent to the beautification of the cemetery, and we respond to every donation with a receipt,” she said.

Another long-term goal of the board is to install freestanding displays of the cemetery maps, so visitors to the cemetery can easily find the gravesites of their friends or loved ones.

Donations can be sent to Maxwell Cemetery at P.O. Box 201, Maxwell CA, 95955.
In addition to beautifying the grounds, the Maxwell Cemetery board oversees funeral scheduling, and rules that apply to the placement of headstones, memorial benches or ornamental plants.

The public is encouraged to contact Carrancho, or directors Bill Barrett or George Costa before installing any permanent memorials, or they may be subject to removal.
“We want everyone to be able to enjoy the beauty of the cemetery, but we have rules and regulations,” Carrancho said.

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