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Life… as I see it (07/11/2018)

It’s a mixture of bittersweet gratefulness I’m feeling this week.

Our parents’ home in Grimes has sold. The sale has closed and it’s a done deal.

It came after months of at time back breaking work to clean out a lifetime of memories, decide what should be kept and treasured, and what should be sold or thrown away.

It is our wish that the new owners will bring the home back to what it once was, and that it can continue to house the love of a family.

We were told more than once that when a person entered the house, it immediately felt warm, inviting and a place of great love and sharing.

That, I’m sure, is the spirit of my parents and their giving natures that linger there.
I met a lady this week who told me she had known my parents and that they were wonderful people.

“They did a lot of good things for a lot of people,” she said.

It’s a done deal now. The little house in Grimes is no longer “the Bowden house”, but the future of another family prepared to make new memories.

As for my sister and myself, and our families we all consider ourselves blessed to have been a part of it all and to have been guided by two such wise, loving and giving people.
My week has also been blessed with a visit from all my North Dakota daughters. First there was time at the lake with Tiffany, Becky and Lea, and last night a sleepover with them and daughter Velvet at our friend Jessi’s home in Laytonville.

That was a treat for sure.

Jessi lives in a big old house in the woods. It’s spacious and smells delicious with all of her healthy herbs, lotions and oils she makes. It was a peaceful night filled with love laughter and music (Becky and Jessi singing and playing guitars together again).

We were all surprised when we woke up this morning that it was well after 7 am, which is a late start for especially me.

We all need those times of rejuvenation, time with people we love and the peace that comes with rekindling old friendships that have never gone away.

We went our separate ways this morning, but knowing that we will all be together again in just a few short weeks when Tom and I head to North Dakota.

I’m feeling kind of blessed today. Time with my babies always reminds me of just what a lucky mama I am.

Life is good today.

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