SF Metal Works setting up shop in Colusa County


A San Francisco-based company is leaving the City and planting its flag in Colusa County, just across the river from Meridian.

SF Metalworks is a metal fabrication shop that specializes in architectural metalwork using steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze and pewter –primarily for high-end residential clients. The company’s CEO, Ron Moore, says that the move to Colusa County will offer the company a willing workforce, cheaper rent, and more space for equipment, and the potential for growth – and what he called a perfect opportunity.

Moore said that he hired a consultant to put together a business plan for the company’s new facility in Colusa County, and that he was surprised by some of the things he discovered about his company in the process.

“I did not know that we turned down over $1 million in work over the course of the last year, because we don’t have the machines, we don’t have the manpower, and we don’t have the footprint to actually get the work in the building,” Moore said. “We can’t meet the time frames.”

Moving operations to Colusa County will change that, he added, as the company will double its square footage for half the rent it is currently paying in San Francisco –which he said was soon going to increase two-fold. The added space will allow him to bring in new equipment, which he said he has already begun purchasing and moving into the Colusa County facility.

Most importantly, the county offers his company a willing workforce. Moore said the company has struggled to fill positions that have been vacant for years in San Francisco.

“It’s impossible to find people in San Francisco with any kind of work ethic,” Moore said. “The interest and willingness to learn a trade like this is here, and it isn’t there.”

At the company’s hiring event in Colusa on Monday, there were at least 40 people –about 20 at two different presentations – who have demonstrated that kind of interest.

“Moving here, we think we have access to people that want to learn a valuable skill that’s sort of rare… We’re in a good position, especially moving here, to find the right staff and build the right sort of team that can really take it to the next level.”

Moore said during the latter presentation that the company’s production facility will be “moved 100-percent” to Colusa County, and he hoped that it would be operational by September. Moore added that the company would be moving its corporate office to Emeryville, and would “keep a footprint in San Francisco, because once you leave San Francisco, you never can get back in.”

“We’re going to keep the shop I have now, just for landing equipment and finished goods,” he said.

Moore said that around a dozen jobs would be created at the new production facility, including welders, fabricators, machinists, shipping and receiving, forklift drivers, and a production manager position.

Colusa County One Stop, which helped SF Metal Works put on the presentations on Monday, is accepting applications. The company plans to hold at least one more hiring event in the Yuba-Sutter area in the next couple weeks.

Brian Pearson is the former Managing Editor & Reporter for the Williams Pioneer Review. Brian joined the Williams Pioneer Review in June 2016 and is committed to bringing hyperlocal news to its readers. A few of his projects included reporting local government and the sports page.