Arts Council’s Music in the Street raises nearly $3,800


Despite sweltering afternoon temperatures and a couple of competing events going on Saturday night, the Colusa County Arts Council’s managed to raise about $3,800 at their ‘Music in the Street’ event, which organizers said wasn’t bad – especially in the event’s first year.

“We did very well for a first event,” said co-organizer Sharon Reische. “It was well attended, especially with how hot it was.”

When the event started at 7 PM, the temperature was still near 100 degrees. After the sun went down and a breeze picked up, so too did the attendance and the dancing. One person who was a fixture on the dance floor was Colusa resident Rick Rockwell, who said he thoroughly enjoyed the event.

“I think it was great,” said Rockwell, who added the heat wasn’t an issue after sunset. “In fact, my wife will probably go next time, because after 8 PM, it was nice out there. The breeze came up and, because you are right there by the river, it really cooled down. I’ll be back again next year if they have another one.”

Although no date has been set yet, Reische said that the Arts Council will be hosting another ‘Music in the Street’ in the coming year. Reische said it would likely be held before June 30, 2019 – the deadline for the group to raise $20,000 in matching funds for a California Arts Council State and Local Partnership Grant.

“We were happy to raise $3,776 (on Saturday) – that’s a good start,” Reische said. “I think we only need $9,000 to meet our match, and we still have 11 months to do it. We will have one more before then.”

Fellow organizer Vicki Garofalo said that about 200 people attended the event on Saturday, but felt that there could have been more. Garofalo said she has received feedback from people who felt the event could have been better advertised, and added that the Arts Council was looking into ways to better get the word out for next year. Other than that, Garofalo said she’s heard only positive things from attendees.

“The feedback I’ve gotten to date has been very, very positive,” she said. “We plan on doing it again next year.” ν

Brian Pearson is the former Managing Editor & Reporter for the Williams Pioneer Review. Brian joined the Williams Pioneer Review in June 2016 and is committed to bringing hyperlocal news to its readers. A few of his projects included reporting local government and the sports page.