Maxwell hosts blood drive

Nilah Pearson doantes blood during the Maxwell Blood Drive last Tuesday.

Maxwell Fire Department held a blood drive last Tuesday with the help of Bloodsource.

“We haven’t had a blood drive event for at least five years,” said Maxwell Fire Chief, Kenny Cohen. “So, I felt it was time.” 

Maxwell resident Nilah Pearson, 19, was the first donor of the day. 

“It’s important to me because I have had family members who have had blood transfusions in the past, and I feel it’s a small way I can help other people,” said Pearson. “This is my third time donating.” 

All of the day’s donations will be carried to Chico for testing before being sent out to California hospitals in need, said phlebotomist Chelsea Dormen, of Bloodsource. 

Miss Colusa County Bailey Wilson also attended the blood drive. 

“I think it’s important to provide help wherever I can to help save lives. Plus, I’m starting college in the fall to pursue a career in the medical field,” Wilson said. 

The four-hour event brought in 16 donors, of which 12 were able to donate. 

“Summertime is the hardest part of the year to get donors,” Dormen said. “But even just one donor helps.”

The Maxwell Fire Department thanks all those who came out to donate. Bloodsource serves all of Northern California for blood donations. For more information, visit ■