People, churches, businesses rally to help fire evacuees

Pastor Jason McMullan, of the Williams Community Church, leads an effort by Colusa County churches, Granzella’s, Sav-Mor Foods, and individual donors to aid people displaced from their homes due to wildfires burning throughout Northern California.

Williams Community Church in Williams, in partnership with other churches in Colusa County, Sav-Mor Foods, Granzella’s, and others have come together to help fire evacuees, many of whom found haven in hotels and motels in Williams.

“Roughly 90 percent of the hotels in the area have evacuees,” said Jason McMullan, senior pastor at Williams Community Church. “A lot of them have been looking for food and assistance; just the bare necessities because they had to go quickly.”

Last Wednesday, a spaghetti dinner was held at Williams Community Church, located at 315 Ninth St. for evacuees in Williams, with meals continuing this week for as long they remain in Colusa County.

“We have money to do that for the next 10 days,” McMullan said on Aug. 1. “We also raised $1,000 just in dollars alone to provide direct assistant to people who need it the most.”

Community members have been donating cash, food, toiletries, as well as baby items, clothing and other necessities.

In addition to local hotels, which is housing people from the Carr and other fires burning throughout Northern California, Colusa County residents evacuated from the foothills found shelter at the Colusa Veterans Hall, which will remain the primary evacuation site for Colusa County residents under evacuation orders.

In Maxwell, on Saturday night, community members received authorization from the Maxwell School District to open the rodeo grounds for livestock, and the Little League parking area for people with motor homes and tents, due to limited parking space at the Veterans Hall.

Within a few hours, the arena had five horses from two families, and other pets and livestock are being housed at private ranches outside the fire danger areas.

Colusa County Farm Supply in Williams donated water for the Maxwell evacuation site, and other restaurants like Kim’s Deli offered to help feed evacuees.

Community members are encouraged to contact their local churches if they would like to donate food or money to help those who are not yet able to return or have lost their homes.

“It’s a great thing when the community comes together in such a way,” McMullan said.

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