Rotary names 2018 Peace Officers of the Year


The Colusa Rotary Club named six officers as Peace Officers of the Year for 2018 last week, one each for the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office, the Colusa Police Department, the Williams Police Department, the Colusa County Probation Department, the California Highway Patrol, and the Colusa County District Attorney’s Office.

The Annual Police Officer of the Year Award was established to recognize the challenges law enforcement officers face and to say a public “thank you” for a job well done.

Key qualities for the award include courtesy, kindness, understanding, compassion, courage, and devotion to duty. Officers are also recognized for their involvement in a particular act, a series of acts, or their continued demonstration of ongoing professionalism within their department.

In addition to the awards from the Colusa Rotary Club, each of the law enforcement officials were presented with commissioned joint resolutions of the California State Senate and the California State Assembly. 

On hand to present the recipients of this year’s resolutions were California State Assemblymember James Gallagher, as well as representatives from the offices of Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblymember Cecilia Aguair-Curry. 

“On behalf of Senator Jim Nielsen, myself, and Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry, we just want to say thank you to our law enforcement throughout this community,” Gallagher said. “Certainly seeing firsthand just this week how much you guys do, and seeing everything that’s going on in Paradise and Concow and Berry Creek – it was our law enforcement on the front lines, going in there, helping to get people out, trying to get traffic moving in the right direction, facing the fire on both sides, in many cases taking cover with people, protecting people all the way, and trying to get the best outcome with what was a very dangerous and very horrifying situation.”

The officers recognized this year were Deputy Probation Officer Shayla Maxey, District Attorney Investigator Sara Martin, Colusa County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Doble, Colusa Police Officer Larry Lorman, California Highway Patrol Officer Justin Sherwood, and Williams Police Officer Jennifer Dawn Parker.

In addition to those officers, the legislators honored recently-retired Chief Probation Officer Bill Fenton – who is also a Colusa Rotary member and has overseen the Peace Officer of the Year awards in recent years – with a proclamation.

“We also wanted to recognize an individual who’s really spearheaded this for many years, and who has been a tremendous member of the community,” Gallagher said. “He came here to lead up the Probation Department, and I think has done a tremendous job.”

Probation Department

Shayla Maxey, Deputy Probation Officer II

Maxey was born and raised in Williams and is the youngest of two children born to Shane and Beverly Maxey. She comes from a family dedicated to careers in law enforcement: her father, a retired Colusa County Sheriff’s Lieutenant; her grandfather, a retired California Highway Patrol Officer; her brother, a correctional officer; and her uncle, a CHP officer. Her mother also retired from the Williams Police Department as a Police Services Manager after 28 years of service.

After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Maxey began her law enforcement career with the Butte County Probation Department, working in the juvenile hall. In February 2016, Maxey joined the Colusa County Probation Department as a Deputy Probation Officer I. During this time, Maxey was assigned to the Adult Unit and given duties such as report writing, court officer, field supervision, and case management.

In Feb. 2018, Maxey was promoted to Deputy Probation Officer II. With the promotion, Maxey was assigned to the county’s Task Force. 

“Officer Maxey currently supervises a caseload of high-risk offenders and acts as a mentor to new officers,” Supervising Deputy Probation Officer Jaime Sachs said in Maxey’s nomination letter. “She consistently demonstrates a good work ethic and professionalism. It is a pleasure and honor to work with Officer Maxey and have her as a part of the Colusa County Probation Department team.”

District Attorney’s Office

Sara Martin, District Attorney Investigator

Martin began her law enforcement career with the Colusa Police Department in 2008. As a police officer, she quickly distinguished herself as an outstanding officer in her cases and assigned duties. During her tenure there, she was twice nominated as the department’s Peace Officer of the Year. This year marks her first nomination with the District Attorney’s Office, which she joined in 2015.

Since then, Martin has excelled in every aspect of her job. She is the department’s property officer and has come to be referred to as the “Evidence Guru,” with all of her training and experience in evidence collection. She is the only sworn child sexual assault forensic interviewer in the county, and one of the county’s four total forensic interviewers. Martin is a member of the California Association of Property and Evidence Officers, the California Association of Sexual Assault Investigators, the National Children’s Advocacy Association, the California Narcotics Officer’s Association, and the California Gang Investigator’s Association. Martin also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Sonoma State University.

“Investigator Martin has developed into a tremendous resource for the District Attorney’s Office, as well as the allied agencies in Colusa County,” District Attorney Chief Investigator Dave Salm wrote in her nomination letter. “Her extensive knowledge in evidence collection, forensics, (and) search warrants, as well as her investigative experience, have made her the ‘go-to’ person for younger, less experienced officers throughout the county in need of guidance.

“In the last year, she has assisted all of the allied agencies in the county with major cases, including three homicides. In addition, she has completed a complicated, more than three-year public integrity investigation requested by the Colusa County Grand Jury that is currently being prosecuted.”

Sheriff’s Office

Christopher Doble, Deputy Sheriff

Doble joined the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office in June 2015 as a Deputy Sheriff. After graduating from Colusa High School in 2007, Doble attended from California State University, Chico, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. 

Until recently, Doble had been assigned to the Field Services Division as a Patrol Deputy but was just was selected as one of the Sheriff’s Office’s detectives. His first day serving in that role was, coincidentally, the same day as Colusa Rotary’s Peace Officer of the Year banquet. In addition to his normal duties, Doble is also a Field Training Officer, a member of the county’s S.O.A.R. Team, Dive Team, and OHV Patrol Unit. In addition to being committed to those assignments, Doble works numerous hours of overtime on extended shifts or covering shifts for his co-workers, all while maintaining good morale and positive attitude.

“Deputy Doble’s positive attitude, commitment, and loyalty to the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office exhibit his remarkable commitment to the department’s mission and people of Colusa County,” Sheriff Joe Garofalo said in Doble’s nomination letter. “Deputy Doble’s focus on quality service is a tremendous asset to the Colusa County Sheriff’s Office. His integrity, leadership, and professional qualities best embody what the people of Colusa County expect in a law enforcement officer.”

When introducing Doble, Garofalo added that he first met Doble he was still in high school. At the time, Garofalo was helping to coach the school’s football team.

“He was a very quiet individual, worked his butt off, never complained,” Garofalo said. “(He was) the type of kid we all love, as coaches, to have on a team. And he’s that same way as an employee. He keeps his head down, goes out there, and you can count on him to do a great job… I’ve been extremely impressed.” 

Colusa Police Department

Larry Lorman, Officer

Lorman was born in Sacramento and grew up in the Williams area. He attended local schools and eventually graduated from Williams High School in 1990. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and was active duty from 1991 through 1995 as a military policeman. Lorman continued his military career with the Marine Corps on two different occasions: 1995 through 1998, and 2006 through 2008. He also had a short stint with the Nevada Air National Guard in 2003 through 2006. During his time in the military, he did one overseas tour in support of the Pacific Fleet.

In between his time in the Marine Corps, Lorman attended and graduated from Chico State University in 2001, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, he attended the Butte College Law Enforcement Academy in Oroville and graduated in June 2008. Lorman was hired as a police officer for the Colusa Police Department in Jan. 2009.

Since joining the department, Lorman has performed his duties in a competent and efficient manner. He is currently the senior officer at the department and has become a role model for his co-workers to follow – especially in the categories of public service and taking on extra duties at the department. 

“Away from work, Larry contributes to the well-being of his community. He volunteers his time at a local homeless shelter kitchen, helping serve hot meals,” Chief Josh Fitch said in Lorman’s nomination letter. “Larry is a very dedicated and well-rounded police officer. He promotes a professional attitude as a City of Colusa employee with a strong emphasis on teamwork and progressive departmental growth. He is competent, productive, progressive, and dedicated to the department. He is a well-liked employee, especially his sense of humor, which in itself is a most valuable asset to possess in the law enforcement career field.

“It is these qualities, combined with his accomplishments that illustrate why I feel Officer Larry Lorman is so deserving of the ‘Officer of the Year’ award for the Colusa Police Department.”

California Highway Patrol

Justin Sherwood, Officer

Sherwood has been a uniformed member of the California Highway Patrol for 18 years. Upon his graduation from the CHP Academy, Sherwood worked at the Westminster Area and Capistrano Area commands in Southern California, before transferring to the Williams Area command in 2006, where he has remained ever since. 

Sherwood is also the current president of the 5-20 Squad Club, a non-profit organization that coordinates fundraising events to provide scholarships and donations to numerous charitable organizations in Colusa County.

“Officer Sherwood’s positive work ethic, high level of knowledge (and) competency, and professionalism has earned him the respect of his peers, supervisors, and the many members of the public he contacts on a daily basis,” Sgt. David Corona, Acting Commander for Williams Area CHP, said in Sherwood’s nomination letter. “Officer Sherwood’s commitment to service is unquestioned as he goes above and beyond the call of duty –even adjusting his work hours – to ensure members of the public are provided the services they require.” 

Williams Police Department

Jennifer Dawn Parker, Sergeant

Parker was born in Walnut Creek and raised in Vacaville. She attended Solona Community College, Napa Valley College, and Iowa State University – where she studied Criminal Justice and Psychology. 

Parker graduated from the Salt Lake City Community College Police Academy in August 2009 and immediately began working as a police officer with the Saratoga Springs (Utah) Police Department. While at the department from 2009 through Jan. 2012, Parker worked as a patrol officer, graduated from a SWAT school, and earned the position of sniper on the SWAT team. She was later assigned to the investigations division, working as a detective.

In July 2011, Parker earned her California Peace Officer Standards and Training waiver at Fresno College, seeking to continue her law enforcement career in California. In July 2013, Parker was hired by the Williams Police Department as a police officer. Over her five-year career there, she has worked as a patrol officer, K-9 handler, and Field Training Officer. 

Parker and her canine partner, Jaaco, have made great contributions countywide over the past three years, assisting the Colusa County Task Force to seize drugs and money from drug sales.

Most recently, Parker was promoted to sergeant – becoming the first woman to hold that position in the department’s history.

“Since being promoted (to sergeant in February), Jennifer has quickly shown her knowledge and abilities to lead, mentor, organize and supervise,” Chief Ed Anderson said in Parker’s nomination letter. “Jennifer has a special gift of guiding and mentoring your younger officers. She has excelled in the many aspects of her new position including field operations, as well as her administrative responsibilities. She has met the many challenges with diplomacy, strength, and conviction.

“Through her knowledge, experience, leadership and hard work, Jennifer has proven herself to be an outstanding member of our department. She has demonstrated her dedication to the ideals of community-oriented policing, and is well respected by the members of our department and the community she serves.”■

Brian Pearson is the former Managing Editor & Reporter for the Williams Pioneer Review. Brian joined the Williams Pioneer Review in June 2016 and is committed to bringing hyperlocal news to its readers. A few of his projects included reporting local government and the sports page.