What’s your plan? (02/14/2018)


Scott Arens | Local Columnist

Some things you just can’t plan for.  These might be comparable to a storm and I have certainly been tempest-tossed.

The last time I submitted a column was for the January 10 publication.  I would like to make excuses that I have been overly busy. And that I have, but I have always been busy; accused often of burning the candle at both ends.

The more I plan, the more efficient I am and the more I accomplish.  This helps me build positive mental attitude, ‘PMA’.

Negativity has been overwhelming me because of things that I am unable to plan for.  I wake up to find that I have lost those that I can never get back or what I say and what I do can never be taken back.

I have been familiar with the ‘Golden Rule’ from an early age and it is still an important part of the foundation I use when interacting with people.  Myspace, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, ‘Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Vine Camera, Ask.fm, Tumbir, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, VK, ClassMates, Meetup, and Snapchat have been said to be among the top apps for creating and sharing information and ideas.

We certainly have numerous choices with today’s technology (or weapons maybe) to voice our opinions.  My opinion, Social Media has taken the collaboration out of relationships.  It is way too easy to take the other person out of the communication equation and type negativity into a Smart Phone (oxymoron).

Do we respect and uplift each other?  Too many comments focus on the self, that it is the ‘only’ correct view, and that those that disagree should and need to be removed from society.  This is a problem for me!

There is no value in tearing anyone down.  Are you working at tearing them down to your level?  It has been said an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.  It would do well with us to say along with Teyve, “Very good.  That way the whole world will be blind and toothless.”  Therefore, there is a better way.

Back to the Golden Rule, with purposeful action.  Let’s set a goal to service our fellow man (man meaning male and female)!  What might the world be if we all loved our neighbor?  So, what’s your plan?  I like these two.

There is an account at the US Bank in Williams setup to help a 2 year old child who lost her parents to senseless violence.  Any donation will be of great help to her future.  This second one is in the process, but I here that plans are in the works locally for a home or shelter able to help women and children in time of need.  I’ll be tracking this one so contact me for additional information in the near future.

As always, I appreciate you following me.  I aim to provide you with tools necessary to provide you with the best College Planning.  And as you just read, I will be sharing opinions from time to time.  I feel the sun is out again!  Please contact me with questions, comments, and/or input at Scott@ArensCP.com. ■

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