Report from Williams City Hall


Chuck Bergson | Mayor, City of Williams |

As we begin 2018, the City of Williams is looking forward to a very active year. In the interest of keeping the public informed, City Hall will be providing updates on major public events and projects that will take place during the year.

Both the public and private sides of business in Williams are currently undergoing a lot of activity. As one can see driving throughout Williams, there appears to be construction in every corner of the City.

Active projects under construction or just completed are: on the Eastside – Love’s Truck Stop, Senior Housing Expansion, Dollar General Store, Canna-Hub, and a new Arco gas station; Downtown – Starbucks, the Odd Fellows Building, and El Pacifico Mariscos Restaurant on E Street; on the Westside – Bear Naked Produce at Orv’s Gas Station and there are over twenty new homes throughout the city. In planning and about to go under construction are O’Reilly Auto Parts Store, a new hotel on Marguerite Street, and Morning Star Rail Spur.

All of this construction represents millions of dollars worth of investment and commerce, jobs, and associated economic activity. The City is planning several ground breakings and grand openings this year – already announced has been Dollar General opening in February and Starbucks Coffee opening in the Fall.

A couple of these projects are worthy of highlighting given their significance to the City and the Region.

Love’s Travel Center, on Marguerite Street near Highway 20. This project has been in planning for years and is now under construction. For the developer and the State, this project helps the travelling public and trucking with a needed travel stop for long interstate drives. Locally, it means jobs, tax revenue, and associated support businesses. This project is also a keystone to the Williams Business Park. Long ago the City planned this business park in the north east sector of the City, however the park remained empty for decades. With a lot of work, perseverance of this and prior administrations, this key project to the Williams Business Park is now a reality, under construction, and will lead to more new businesses.

Starbucks Coffee, E Street at 5th Street – This long awaited project is under construction at the City’s gateway. This site was an abandoned gas station that was an obtrusive public eyesore for nearly a decade, to say nothing of a less than stellar first impression. Through the cooperative efforts of the previous landowner, the developer, and the City, Williams gets a brand new and vital business on its main entryway, a significant improvement to E Street, and increased commerce and visitors. It also provides the answer to the never ending visitor question “where’s the Starbucks in this town?”

Public Construction

The City has recently completed a round of road repairs last year to much positive feedback, including fixing the symbolic bane of City streets – the McDonalds pothole. The City plans more road repairs this year. Water line and sewer line repairs to downtown were competed last year and more repairs are on the drawing boards. Venice Park was recently renovated and is a great place for family picnics and soccer players. The City also has several planning studies underway for streets, water, and sewer systems.

And don’t be surprised to see a major street arterial begin plans for a reconstruction soon.

All these new businesses are “bullish” on Williams and these latest activities are likely to bring yet more commerce, new opportunities, and challenges, to the City of Williams.■

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