Saturday, April 10, 2021


Life as I see it (02/21/2018)

Sometimes we feel as if we have finally hit a physical, mental and emotional brick wall.

That was me these last few weeks.

I know all will be well and as I chip away one thing at a time I can manage.

We planned a lovely Valentines trip to Fort Bragg, and we did go. However, I was sick most of the trip and ended up coming straight home and back to the doctor. I’m on the mend now, but still I regret not getting the full benefit of enjoying the coast.

Regardless, when you are not feeling well, it is a good excuse to enjoy the room, listen to the waves as you drift off to sleep and just learn to relax a bit. In my present state, that can’t be a bad thing.

For the past few weeks, I have continued to clean out my folks’ house and now I’m doing the same at my farm house.
Thank God for a local guy named Jake. He is pitching in to haul away the stuff from the farm.

Hopefully we can sell both places soon.

Some days I have to remember that I’m not really Wonder Woman. I’m just me, stubborn me who doesn’t like to admit when she’s done a little too much for her little old self.
Like every other time I’ve worked to the point of exhaustion, I bounce back.

I’m giving myself a couple of weeks break, and then I’ll hit it again.

Add to the physical breakdown the emotional drain of losing our beloved uncle JR and I was kind of a mess this past week.

However, the service held for JR was perfect. It’s the kind of send off I’d like for myself. I really hate attending maudlin “funerals” filled with sad songs and long winded preachers.

I hope when I go, my family will do the celebration thing for me. JR had a send off of lots of memories, loving and funny stories about the man he was. I hope when I go, people will be as kind when they remember me.

Tom and my kids have been alerted that I don’t want a funeral – I want a celebration.

After all, I know where I’m headed, and by the time any kind of service is set, I’ll already be there.

So, our home improvement project continues. That brings me to the mental stress part of the week. The “contractor” has been paid for materials; the “worker” has been here on his own doing all of the painting. So far, the “contractor” hasn’t shown back up. Now we are at the phase when he needs to be here to finish the job. We will see what tomorrow brings. At least we know he will come back at one point since all of his equipment is in our garage. I guess we can hold it hostage until he finishes the job.

Meanwhile all of the trim to be replaced has been ripped from our house and its standing there bare to the bone. You can imagine how picky Tom and I are reacting to that. We’re not happy.

The paint job looks great though, so there’s that.

I know all of the stresses in my life are petty, and for my attitude I ask for forgiveness.

Around us we see others with far bigger burdens.

I saw a woman on television this week screaming at President Trump because more children, including her daughter had died in yet another school shooting. I can not imagine the agony and pain a parent might feel in that situation. I hope that I never do know.

I ask that we all remember those around us that need our prayers and our care.

As for me, whining and all, life is still good today.■

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