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Life… as I see it (02/28/2018)

Going into this relationship I warned Tom that I like to buy coats, shoes, houses and cars.

The last thing I need to buy in 2018 now is a pair of shoes.

I did the car, the coat and now the house.

We are the proud owners of a beautiful little home in Beach, ND. The plan is for us to be reverse snowbirds. While most people leave the cold to travel to warmer climate in winter, the winter months are what we look forward to in North Dakota.

Oh, we have enough sense to get out after Christmas and head back to California, but the thought of having a nest in Beach during the holidays and other special Craigo Clan times is very appealing to us.

So yes, we bought a house in North Dakota. Why?  Every time we go for short visits it seems harder and harder to leave the family. The grandbabies are no longer babies, and we really don’t want to miss so much of the next few formative years. It won’t be long until they are all teenagers and we become, not the exciting grandparents visiting, but the nothing special old people who show up from time to time.

Thankfully for me, Tom has become attached to my kids and grandkids and he wants to be around them as much as I want to be with them.

We are both very excited about this venture. Thanks to our darling Josh Marman and his many housing rehab skills. This house was built in 1920, but Josh’s talents have brought new life into it.  So, thanks to Josh, Agelina and Linda for sharing this wonderful place with us.

I’m happy to say it looks like the workmen here in California are getting close to finishing our upper and lower deck rehab as well as our new little fence. It will  look great once it’s done. Who knew it would take three plus weeks to do this job?

I’ve had to remind myself that every time I complain about this time this is taking, I should be thankful instead that it is getting done.

We got away from the construction yesterday and went to see the movie; 15:17 Paris yesterday.  It’s the one about the three young guys from Sacramento who took down the terrorist on a Paris-bound train in France.  It was pretty good. It was enjoyable that it actually starred these hometown heroes.  I wonder how many of us would actually have the courage to charge some guy coming at us with a gun.

I know there are plenty of folks out there who would, but I fear I’d be a coward. Thank God for our heroes in life.

I had a chat with my good friend Keith Bear today. It was good to hear his voice, and to hear especially the happiness in his voice. Keith is one of those forever friends we are blessed with in our lives.  We hadn’t talked for several months, but he still answered the call with a big “hello there sister” and was ready to catch up.

Life is good like that. Along the way we meet special people and we know we have been given a great gift of friendship. When that friendship lasts a lifetime; it is  nothing but good.

Life is good today.â– 

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