Life… as I see it (03/07/2018)


Today my friend will get married. Like me, she was first married for many years. Like me, her husband became very ill and she cared for him. And, like me she is moving on, building a new life and starting over again.

From the outside looking in it appears to others that it is an easy decision to make when we decide to remarry. Not so.

For each of us it is a transition that takes a lot of time to think (pray) through. Especially for people of  the “older” generation. We’ve lived  our lives a certain way for a very long time. We may have been thrust into suddenly being alone and had to start over with just ourselves to rely on. It’s not easy for us to switch direction at any time in our lives, but the older we get the tougher it gets.

Tom and I are some of the lucky ones. It’s working for us. We are healthy and happy and for the most part we get along well. In that we are blessed and we would like nothing more than our friend to be equally blessed.

I’m heading back into the trenches and working on cleaning out the farm house again next week. It has been a challenge just to let go of a few things. To some it is just stuff, but if it’s your stuff it’s harder to let go. For somethings there is no letting go.

I found the stuffed dog “Sadie” that was beyond well worn, no longer soft and pretty but worn smooth with the slobbery kisses of all three of my kids. I took a picture of the pup and sent it to my kids. “Look who I found,” I wrote.

One child wrote back; it’s time to bury the dog Mom,” he said. Couldn’t do it. Yep, when I die and they clean out my space they’ll find Sadie living in one of my bedroom drawers. They’ll get it because my kids get me.

Our deck and fence rehab project is complete. We’re pleased with the end result. It looks a lot better. Clean and fresh is good.

The phrase in like a lion is holding true for March. We had a stormy day yesterday. We even had enough snow on our California hill to cover our cars and sidewalks. Later the rain came with a pounding force. It was good to be snuggled securely in the house. That’s a perk of being retired. You don’t have to go outside unless you want to do it.

This past week was my Dad’s and my Uncle JR’s birthdays. They used to celebrate together and now that they have both passed on, I like to think they are celebrating together again. I think that they are doing just that.

So today we’ll pack up and head to the valley to celebrate our friends’ wedding. It’ll be a good day.  We celebrate life, love and new beginnings.

Life is good today.■

Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at