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Life as I see it (03/14/2018)


I’m pretty sure Wonder Woman is going down for the count. After the week she’s (I’ve) had unloading the farm house, I won’t be surprised if she folds a little.

I say that, but as I write this I’m packing up the car and getting ready to hit it for one last week. At least I hope I get it done this week.

At this point I want to make sure that I mention some people who have been huge helps to me. Mark Gustafson, Jake Jansen and Ed Ayala never let me down. Bless them all.

I’ve had some good luck selling a few of my treasures this week also.

We’re planning an estate sale in Grimes on April 7, so I think I’ll tote a few of my things into town for that as well.

The money we make from selling our old stuff we are re-investing into new items for our recently purchased North Dakota home.  I have to say I’m enjoying this process.

I’m happy that things I enjoyed for so long are now finding new homes and people to appreciate them once again.

I’m beginning to see a bit of light at the end of all of this. Once we have completed all property sales, I’ll take a deep breath of relief and then move on to enjoy my retirement.

I started working at age 13 and I don’t recall many times in my life that I didn’t have at least a part-time job.

I found my old Pierce High School yearbooks during my past week’s process of rummaging through stored-away things at the farm. I had forgotten that I was once president of the Future Homemakers of America.  Tom commented that part of me shows in the way I cook for him and other people around me.

I recalled that I was never “Susie Homemaker”, but I did manage all roles; wife, mother, and homemaker all while holding down a job outside of the home for a lot of years.

I like the fact that my family had mostly home-cooked meals, clean laundry and a “semi” clean house in those days.

Tom says he thinks I have the homemaker gene because I like a nice home, good meals etc.  The truth be known, I now hate cleaning house, but lucky for me I have a husband who doesn’t mind taking on those chores. As long as I continue to cook we have a happy medium.

It continues to be a little hard to let go of some things.  I looked through old photos, and things written by my children. Those things I kept. I found baby blankets and quilts made for my children by grandmothers and aunties. Those things I kept.

One woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure. I saw that this week too. Some things I was ready to send away were instead re-homed with people who wanted them. That’s a good thing too. If we can provide for someone else that is what we should do.

By weeks end I was tired, crabby and actually feeling a bit beat up. But here I am, refreshed and ready to do it one more time.

I thank God every morning for the fact that first; I woke up, and 2nd: I can muster the strength to carry on till I finish the job. I’m not one who relishes listening to excuses from other people, so I don’t think I have a right to make any of my own.

As long as I can keep doing this – Life is good today.■

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