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What’s your plan? (03/28/2018)

Scott Arens |

This week are Parent-Teacher Conferences at Pierce Joint Unified School District. My Daughters will be the 4th generation of Arens to graduate PHS. Another thing I’m proud of is the level of education they receive; particularly with the care that their teachers take toward them. My oldest transferred into Arbuckle Elementary from a much larger school district. One in which she was just another number. My 1st conference back home within PJU was a Tender Mercy and let me know that we had made a good choice for our children. My student wasn’t a number any longer and her marks were letting me know that she wasn’t feeling that way either! These times with the teacher have been invaluable to me. They have let me know were my student stands. The obvious is their early marks and now their grades. And as for me, the grades are the indicator as to how I am doing at reaching my goal of getting them out of the house and capable of surviving in the real world. High grades open a lot more doors when looking at colleges. I hope that you are using Parent-Teacher Conferences to your benefit. If it is anything less than your full attention, please take the opportunity to use this tool to the full potential.

Another asset that you should make yourself familiar with is your school’s Counselor. A School Counselor’s or Guidance Counselor’s goal is to address your student’s academic, personal, and career needs. The American School Counselor Association ( writes that services include school core curriculum, student planning, responsive services, consultation, collaboration, and referrals. Let’s add some details to this list. First off, the counselor will teach and instruct. They will help the student evaluate where they are and set goals. They are not therapist, but are trained to recognize mental health needs and then assist in seeking resources and also assist in crisis or emergency situations. They will share information to assist with realizing student achievement. Also, counselors will work with others to support student achievements. Lastly, they are a wealth of knowledge to additional assistance and information. Scott’s summary in a nut shell; they should work with your student as to what is next for them after high school, develop a plan for classes that sets them up for life after high school, and be a mentor to get your student through high school and prepared for the next step. Add the Counselor to your college planning along with quality Parent-Teacher Conferences. Thank you for following me here at the Pioneer Review. Please leave me your thoughts at ■

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