Thursday, July 29, 2021


Life… as I see it (03/28/2018)


This week I got a special gift from my friend Donnavee.

It’s a tea towel with the following message; I’m not saying I am Wonder Woman, I’m just saying that no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room.

Loved it, and I loved the kindness (and sense of humor) of Donnavee.

In the past months I have dubbed myself Wonder Woman, failing Wonder Woman, and maybe on my way out Wonder Woman. I’m happy the message has been shared.

I admit I’m ok with being able to do some of the stuff I do even if I am older than I used to be.

Like everyone else, the aging process has taken its toll on me too. I have aches and pains, and there are a few signs that the old girl isn’t what she used to be, but again I say the key is to just keep trying.

Once we quit trying we tend to go down that path of failure. I’m not ready for failure just yet.

It’s been a long week, with a lot of activity for us. Some of it was pleasurable and included dear friends like Gary, Katherine and Ben, but some of our tasks were less than enjoyable.

But again, we got it done, we got it out of the way and now we can move on.

Next week for one day we will be pampered. Thanks to our friend Lynda Reynolds we have a gift certificate for an overnight stay in Callistoga. It includes hotel and spa mud baths. “Aaah,” is all I can say. Just aaah. We appreciate Lynda and her thoughtfulness.

Easter is a week away. Easter day also begins the season at Blue Lake. This year our friend (other) Tom is going to help with the set up, getting the boat in the water and all.

We are blessed to have a handy guy like Tom in our lives.

I usually help with the set up, but with the estate workload I’m in the middle of this year, I appreciate having outside help. – Maybe I’m not Wonder Woman after all. I think I just admitted I can’t do one more thing.

Tonight we are going to dinner at the home of people we really don’t know. Our church has come up with this plan for couples to host two other couples for dinner at their homes.

It is a way for all of the parishioners to get to know each other. It seemed like a good idea to us so we signed up. It will no doubt be fun. After the week I’ve had I think I will enjoy being a guest.

I just hope she doesn’t serve ham. I hate ham. The only thing I dislike more than ham is Spam.

When we went to Hawaii we were told if we wanted to live there we’d have to learn to eat Spam. I guess its like a national treasure there. I’ll never live in Hawaii.

So here we are wrapping up another week of retirement, and again I’m exhausted.

I’m pretty sure it will get better though.

Life is good today.■

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