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What’s your plan? (04/11/201/)

Scott Arens | Scott@arenscp.com

Middle daughter is home. She and her compatriots survived the grueling pace of sight-seeing Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York on a whirlwind Monday through Saturday tour. I say she had a great experience and some growth. The seatbelt was still working overtime getting her home and I had to strain to keep up with the furious pace with which she was filling me in on the details. It amazes me that she boarded a jet and was on the east coast within hours and then completed a round trip Saturday only twenty behind schedule. And what kindles this amazement is that my Grandmother Hazel would harness the horse to the wagon and ride out from the Ranch to the Grimes Shrine for Church Service. Hazel went from the saddle to the car seat, jet plane seat, and a seat in the living room as she watched as Man walked on the moon. What a grand period of history! Unfortunately, there have been some dark times along the way. Middle daughter reminded me of this as she abruptly silenced and then fumbled through as she described one of her more memorable stops. This being the United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum. Memory took me back to a growth experience of my own and a defining of empathy. It was around noon on one of the most beautiful, sunny days without a cloud in the sky; yet it was one of the darkest days of my life. This would be late June of 1981 and I was at Dachau; just outside Munich, Germany. I was standing in the middle of a heavily barbed-wired encampment. The barracks at the concentration camp had long since been leveled. All that remained were the rectangular, concrete slabs that would have once been floors. Originally, they held political prisons and then prisoners taken during Nazi military aggression. It’s most infamous purpose was the eradication of the Jewish Nation. A small building housed various documents and pictures chronicling the atrocities of one human to another. The only other structure standing on the grounds was the brick oven. How many of our Brothers and Sisters taken out of this world by its flames we can only guess. It was here that my temporal world became one of Spirituality that day. Some unknown force began to exert a dark power over me and tens of thousands of unseen voices were screaming in my ears for restitution. If only I could crawl under a rock and become extinct! Then as quickly, I was back in the light. I am ever grateful that this darkness is one that I have experienced only a few times in my life and can admit that it is good to be in the light; experiencing peace and joy! Middle daughter can tell you of the sadness of the Holocaust. I stand as a second witness to it. Tonight, the Arens Family will rejoice discussing the “Golden Rule” at our Family Home Evening. Always, thank you for following me here at the Pioneer Review. Please leave your comments at Scott@arenscp.com ■

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