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Life… as I see it (04/11/2018)

In last week’s column I wrote about the meaning of Easter. I wrote the following; “But the bunnies and the baskets are just a fun commercial remembrance much like Santa Claus is at Christmas”. 

Boy did I hear about that from Santa (Dave Bishop). In Colusa County where he lives, Santa who sometimes portrays Dave lives the life of Santa year around. “In Colusa County, Santa is real,” he said.

Colusa County’s Santa lives by the code of giving and sharing the spirit of Christmas year around. So for him, I take back my statement. In Colusa County Santa is the real deal, not a commercial remembrance.

It was another long week. I spent most of it in Colusa County preparing for the estate sale at my dad’s. 

Santa, who was once caregiver for my dad came to visit us the day of the sale. It is always so good to have time with him. He makes us laugh. Everyone should have a feel-good friend that makes them laugh.

We have some things left over from the sale and he told us about some folks who could use them. It seems like a plan to me, so we’ll put that in motion. – As caregiver for Dad, Santa learned a lot about how my dad had a giving heart as well. He told us the other day as we sat in the folks’ house that the house has a feel of love in it. He is right. We were blessed with parents who loved us and others as well. 

Next week I will have a second sale at my grandparents’ farm where I used to live. There are things I don’t want to let go of, but know I don’t have room for now. So, sell it I will.

I’m finding it a little overwhelming these days. I’m ready to let go.

I spent a part of the week last week with my dear friend Deb. It was great to have time with her. We don’t have that opportunity as much as we once did. I miss that.

I stayed at her farm house in Arbuckle. 

One morning as I was having my coffee I heard the workers outside going by on the spray rig. I sat there and was thinking to myself what a comforting sound it was. When you grow up in the country and then move away, ironically those types of sounds are something you miss. I had to laugh because just as I was thinking that, Deb came in from outside to proclaim how loud it was out there.

She’ll miss it one of these days.

I slept like a rock out there too. It was quiet and “dark” just like it had been all of those years I lived on the farm.

Tom and his buddy other Tom worked on getting the campground set up last week. Its getting close to being ready. Once we are done with all of the sales, moving, etc., we plan on spending a few days out there doing nothing. Again; it sounds like a plan to me.

Meanwhile; Life is good today. ■

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