What’s your plan? (04/18/2018)


Scott Arens | Scott@arenscp.com

My youngest is off at Shady Creek this week with her 6th Grade class of Johnson Junior High. When the Pioneer Review hits the newsstands, it is my hope that she is fully immersed in her surroundings and having a grand ol’ time of it with old and new friends! Shady Creek Outdoor School and Event Center is owned and operated by Sutter County Superintendent of Schools Office (www.shadycreek.org). This week it will focus as an environmental science workshop for the students and help the Arens’ household achieve a calm, quieter setting. I remember decades back when I participated in the program with my class. It was Woodleaf then and provided us with a great experience. A few of us had the opportunity to grow even more when we returned our Senior year as camp counselors. It would have looked good on my College Admissions Resume.

Back when I applied for college there was not a requirement for an Admissions Resume. Today, it makes the difference between gaining a spot at college or being circular filed. Besides GPA and Admissions Test scores, the Resume (also known as an Academic Resume) will present you to College Admissions Representatives through your high school activities. It should include highest achievements and honors, major leadership roles and initiatives, and any unusual and impressive activities and experiences. Your student should be gaining experiences during high school; white space on the page will not earn anyone college admission. Here is a partial list for black ink: Student Government, Academic Teams and Clubs, the Arts, Internships, School Clubs, Volunteering, Community Service, Athletics, and Jobs. Not interested with the opportunities that are available? Get something going. It will look good on a resume! There are templates and suggestions in abundance on the web for help with creating a resume. My recommendations include one page, organized, and easy to scan. Resume assistance can be purchased but do due diligence. Also, I would suggest bundling this service with application assistance. A shameful plug, I am a single source for college planning and financing.

Gaining necessary opportunities to build a standout Admission Resume are critical. My youngest has been waiting to follow in her Sisters’ footsteps and experience Shady Creek. She will add this to her life’s resume and be placed as one with her siblings and fellow alumni of Shady Creek. I am excited to hear the conversation around the dinner table at her return. I appreciate you following me here in the Pioneer Review. Please leave your comments at Scott@arenscp.com. ■

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