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What’s your plan? (05/09/2018)

SCOTT ARENS | Scott@arenscp.com 

I am going to rant; I can’t honestly say that all of it is my own. If you have been following the articles, What’s Your Plan? has at its heart a principle of higher learning. As a Latter-day Saint, I believe as a child of God that I have a mandate to be perfect. I have loads of sources letting me know that I am far from that and I ponder that I am ever so grateful (they should be too) that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ and have the goal and the direction to become perfect. I am working at succeeding, and I am wiser for the journey. Learning is accomplished in many ways and college is certainly one of them. College will cost you; either as a student and/or parent(s). Going broke because of college is not wise to me because of things I have learned.

A Facebook friend posted of one Tucker Carlson. His piece for Fox News Voices (http://insider.foxnews.com/2018/04/26/tucker-carlson-college-worth-it-costs-rising-courses-getting-easier) carries the title of Is College Worth it? It got my attention. My thoughts were on getting some updated information on the ridiculously exorbitant cost of higher education. The segment is 4:20 minutes long and although the words crushingly expensive were used, very few more were devoted to the actual monetary cost. I did like the comment that fees are raising higher than family income is increasing and that the high cost is worth it because learning is important, and education is key. But the costs that Carlson offers are those that we will be hard pressed to put a price tag on. We send our children away to be brainwashed in the name of learning. And if it is to learn, we are failing. In a book titled Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses (2010), the authors state that 40% of students learned nothing in 4 years. Their dedication to studies have fall in to just over 2 hours per day on academic pursuits while hours devoted to shopping, eating, and partying have increased. The exposé goes on to say that college courses are getting flimsier and students dumber. And to add to this insult, grades are getting higher. The most common grade handed out is an “A” (grade inflation). That shoots the Bell Curve! But the big winner here, the universities. They rake in more subsidiaries year after year only to result in higher tuitions. Let’s save ethics for another discussion. It’s off to learn something and maybe become a little wiser in the process. Thanks for the ear and I do appreciate you for following me here in the Pioneer Review. Please leave me comments at Scott@arenscp.com. ■

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