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Life… as I see it (05/09/2018)

There’s nothing like seeing an old friend. 

Saturday when we were working at my folks’ property my high school friend Bob showed up. I found out that he knew that we would be there so he made a special trip over just to see me. The visit made me feel special for sure

I was so pleased to see him and to meet his darling wife Sylvia.

Bob hadn’t changed in that he was the same sweet spirit he had always been.

It was so good to see them, and even better to renew an old friendship. 

Saturday turned out to be a harder day than I had anticipated. We of course had invited people in to take for free things that were left in my folks’ home. Lots of folks showed up and they took away many things.

I thought I was fine with this process, and really I am thankful it all went to homes where it will be used and enjoyed. It was hard though to watch the things be gone through and hauled away. I can’t really explain it, I just know there was this sense of closure I wasn’t really as prepared for as I thought.

It’ll get better. It is time to regroup and move on.

You’d think I have had enough of yard sales and the like, but now Tom and I are working on one of our own.

We have diligently gone through and weeded out things worth selling and things better off tossed. We’ve got quite a nice little display set up in our garage and back patio. So we continue to work on it as we can. In a couple of weeks we’ll do the “great” reveal and sale.

Then, maybe then, we can start to enjoy our summer.

The boat is in the water, the campground is now fully set up and we are ready for a break.

I was asked to be a judge at the Colusa County Fair’s Chef Challenge. I’m kind of excited about that. Since its inception a few years ago I have been involved on the public relations level for the Challenge, but now since I’m retired I get to move on to being a judge. 

Chef Keith from Colusa Casino Resort is the organizer of this event and he always has done a great job.

I’ve actually never judged a cooking competition before, but I have competed in many, and even won a few.

Its fun, but its also kind of stressful. The Chef’s Challenge is a timed event so that adds even more pressure. 

Back in the day I won the North Dakota Cattlewomen’s Beef Cook off on a regional level three times. Each time I went on to compete in the state competition and each time I lost. It was during that time that actress Susan Lucci kept losing when she was nominated for an Emmy, so my kids started calling me the Susan Lucci of the Beef Cook-off.

Win, lose or draw, it was a good time.

I’m good cook, maybe even a really good cook by some standards, but know I can’t hold a candle to some of these top chefs. 

So, taste testing and judging just might become my new thing.

Life if good today. ■

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