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What’s your plan? (05/23/2018)

Scott Arens for the Pioneer Review

Let’s go! With four females under the Arens’ roof, “go” has somewhat of a creative connotation and is certainly confusing to me at this season of my life. Go certainly hasn’t meant out the door! It’s way past let’s get started thinking about going. It does not mean it’s time to discuss options as to where we might go. It dumbfounds me at how many different stages of preparedness we can be in and believe it passes for go. And it can’t mean go in 30 minutes. Merriam-Webster defines “go” as an intransitive verb; 1) to move on a course (proceed) or 2) to move out of or away from a place (leave). My dream is to live in the transitive (verb). Let’s take it from go to went!

National Hurricane Preparedness Week was May 6-12. We don’t have too many hurricanes blow through and we are lucky to be a good distance from Tornado Alley. Unfortunately, we have earthquakes in California and have seen our share of wildfires in recent years. These situations plus others can be less stressful when you have a plan. Part of your plan should include an emergencysupply, bug-out bag, or 72-hr kit. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, but being able to grab it and go on a moment’s notice can be as extreme as life or death.

These kits should include water, food, warmth, and personal supplies. The key is to pack light; you might be carrying your kit. Freeze dried and MREs are good choices for food but will increase the amount of water you will need, thus adding to the weight. Googling will produce an almost unlimited supply of options to buy online. Putting it together for yourself and the family is relatively easy and can lower the cost of being prepared. Check out these websites for lists: FEMA (, California OES (, Homeland Security (, and the Red Cross ( Viewing these sites and others will provide you with the necessary items that will help you out in the event of an emergency. September is National Preparedness Month. It won’t be good planning to wait that long to put something together. These kits will make the going a lot easier.

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