Life… as I see it (6/20/2018)


Since I was in third grade I’ve had a “gag reflux” reaction to the mere mention of the oh so popular canned meat product. I don’t want to say its name here so as not to infringe of trade names, but I’m sure my readers know the one I mean.

While in third grade, I was served the dreaded meat for a school lunch. As my luck would have it I had a teacher who insisted that I clean my plate. She stood over me and nearly force fed the awful tasting meat to me.

There would be no dessert unless I ate it.

The next day and the days that followed, I came to school with my trusty little lunch box. It was filled with things my mama knew I would enjoy.

When the teacher asked why I brought my lunch I happily told her my mama said that I didn’t have to eat anything I didn’t want to eat.

My mama was like that. She didn’t let people mess with her babies.

So last week when I judged the chef’s challenge at the fair, you can imagine my dismay when they announced the mystery ingredient that “must” be included in all of the dishes was “the meat”.

Thank goodness for extraordinary chefs. The stuff was so well concealed and blended in I didn’t taste it at all.

The food was all delicious.

If you are dining in Colusa, CA at any time make sure to visit Rocco’s and see Chef Don or the Colusa Casino Resort’s Wintun Steak House with Chef Keith. You will not be disappointed.

As I write this column, tomorrow will be Father’s Day. I miss my dad everyday, but Father’s Day is always a challenge.

My kids miss their dad as well, and we always remember him.

The year that David passed, daughter Tiffany and I moved to California from North Dakota.

The first Father’s day without David was a tough one for Tiffany, but she also realized she had one parent; now in a dual roll. It touched my heart that year when Tiffany gave to me a Father’s Day card and gift.

My friend Leslie lost her dad this past week. They had an especially good father-daughter relationship and have made some wonderful memories together. I hope that she is hanging on to those good memories as she faces this all-to-soon Father’s Day without him.

Both of my sons (John & Val) are dads. I am impressed with the type of dad’s they are and with the bond they both have with their children. They are good men and David would be proud of both of them.

Tomorrow Tom and I will go to church and then out to lunch. Since we have both been so faithful to our diets, he has chosen Mexican food for his splurge day. Aside from the delicious chips and salsa I know I cannot resist, I plan to stay on point and not fall too far off the wagon.

My sister Ann and brother-in-law Samuel have a wedding anniversary this week. If my calculations are right I think it will be 53 years this year.

Wow, just wow. They were kind of babies when they got married so they have grown up together. Maybe that’s what it takes for a successful marriage. Raise each other to be the person to whom you want to be married.

Regardless of the reason, they are happy today just as they were 53 years ago. They had good parents with good marriages to use as life models.

Meanwhile, life is good today ■

Kathy Craigo is a publicist, speaker, and life coach. She owns Kathy Craigo Media Consulting in Colusa. Contact Kathy Craigo at