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What’s your plan? (06/20/2018)

Scott Arens |

It is an uphill fight in the Arens Den and I am losing the battle. Summer vacation is upon us and it is only been just a few, long weeks. There are as many definitions in our home as to what Summer Vacation means as I have bodies under our roof. Staying up all night and getting up as late as possible would seem to be the consensus for now (this declaration omits my wife). Ok, I will admit that my summers were also spent running around way too late into the morning, but I knew that I had a rendezvous with a D6 pretty much every day of summer for a minimum of the daylight hours. This was pretty much my summer routine along with most of my peers until my Sophomore year when I finally got Sunday afternoons off (that’s another story); my Sophomore year of College. Working for a farmer has its perks; I miss them! I hope that by now that you have picked up that one for WYP’s goals is personal improvement. This sad summer condition has me bordering on hypocrisy and it is extremely uncomfortable. This situation bolsters my argument for year around school. I can’t wait for school to start.

But sticking to my campaigning from the soap box for cost effective education, I would like to make sure that this not only doesn’t miss your attention but that you might also get the word out. At least 23 of the 114 Community Colleges are offering the “College Promise.” Woodland Community College (WCC) as well as it’s Sister Campus Yuba Community College (YCC) are among the first Community Colleges to have the Program in place. “The College Promise” will pay the tuition for first-time, full-time students starting this Fall 2018 entering WCC for up to two semesters. If you are a California resident and have completed a FAFSA and will be taking 12+ semester units you meet the criteria for having your tuition covered. At $46 per unit, that is a savings of $990 a semester or $1380 for the year at 15 units per semester. This information can be found on the WCC College Promise website ( which also states that more info is available by contacting Financial Aid at 530-661-5725.

Back to the fight. Let it be known that I will never surrender, but I think it time for a premeditated regrouping and then on to victory in this war. Great coverage of the County Fair in last week’s Pioneer. I do appreciate you following me here in the Pioneer Review and enjoy hearing that you read the column. Please leave your comments at ■

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