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What’s your plan? (06/27/2018)

by Scott Arens

I am of the belief that our presence here is to learn. This is the foundation for “What’s Your Plan.” I have over a half century of experience with this life. I think that there might possibly be as many ways to learn as there are people. I hope that you might agree with me that the easiest way to learn is from the experiences of others rather than to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and ‘crash and burn’ on your own. We share our experiences so that others may benefit. I see this applied regularly in the lives of my children. I would love to shelter the Girls from all negative experiences. But aren’t the experiences we undergo the times that we grow? I tell my wife to ‘just cut the cord’ but in reality it is me that needs to exercise the faith and let them grow.

People have shared experiences by writing them down. There are still old fashioned, ‘brick and mortar’ stores that sell these books as well as websites galore that will ship to your door. In these, there are numerous books that tell people’s story. May I say that the best one of these has yet to be written? May I be so bold as to say that this story is yours? I am speaking of your journal.

The most difficult part of your journal will most likely be getting started. Let me pass on some advise that was shared with me. Jot down all the important dates in your life: birthdate, pre-school, grade school activities, high school activities, college, employment (Resume?), marriage, children, etc. Expand this list to include family relationships and reunions information. Some might not have many items while others might have a long list of dates. Two factors for this come to mind: age and experience. The older you are the more accomplishments you will have. Experience, for my augment, will be defined as time applied to the project. I have a feeling that once you put a little effort into this you will find that the time will start to pass by quickly. Some have made the statement that they find this to be a ‘Labor of Love.’ Use these dates to pull together a chronology of events in your life. Gather documentation that support your events. Birth certificates, school awards, diplomas, accommodations, marriage license, and other various credentials that you will think of will provide the proof to support your dates. The next step is to write something about all the dates you have collected. Use the ‘News’ approach: who, what, where, why, and how. Now I will suggest that you expand on what you have written by sharing your feelings about each of the events associated with the dates. Journals don’t have to be a painstaking activity, but they will be a treasure to those you leave it to!

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