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Life… as I see it (07/25/2018)

About 16 years ago I moved back to Colusa County California and became a newspaper reporter for the local paper.

It was that same year that a young Colusa man, Tom Indrieri lost his mother. We became friends, connected by my newspaper work and his public service in the community. As the friendship grew, we became family and I somehow began to fill the space in his heart for a mom.

I’ve watch this young man grow, build a new life and a new family with his beautiful wife Ashley, son Quinten and their darling twins Ava and Addison.

This weekend we celebrated Tommy’s 50th birthday. It was a surprise to him when he came home from work to find about 60 of his friends and family in his house.

It’s good to see him smile. It’s good to see him so blessed and so happy.

I may not have given birth to him, but I love him like my own. I feel very lucky to have this family allow me to be a part of their lives.

I’ve said before that I tend to adopt kids along the way. I have a foster son named John.
This week we leave for our first two month stay at our house in North Dakota. Along the way we will stop for a few days at John’s house in Richland, Washington. John has plans to entertain us. We are going to the hydroplane races. I haven’t been in many years and Tom and John’s family have never gone. It’s pretty exciting to see those powerful boats race.
It’s going to be hot though. I’m not looking forward so much to the 100 plus day on the river, but like anything else, I’ll give it a shot.

My high school pals Deb and Connie and I went to Folsom last week to do an early birthday celebration with our friend Sue. We had lunch at the Cliff House and it was more than delicious. Then since it was 109 degrees that day, we did indoor mall shopping the rest of the day.

As usual it’s all about the food with us. Also this week, Tom and I tried a new restaurant opened in nearby Lucerne, California. If you are ever traveling Highway 20 headed up to the coast in Northern California make sure to stop at Lalo’s Mexican Food. It is delicious. We are pretty happy it is so close by our house. It’ll be a great treat from time to time. We just can’t make a habit of it.

Yesterday at Tommy’s party we were surrounded by many of our friends. Unfortunately since I retired and moved to Lake County, I rarely get time with some of these folks.
The core group of us (friends now family) has gone different directions to different parts of California and even out of state.

Our beloved Gary and Katherine were here visiting from Georgia, so it was especially nice to see them and spend time with them.

Now as we prepare to head to North Dakota, I’m of course anxious to see my babies, big and small, but I’m also looking forward to time with my friends there.

On our way to Folsom last week we stopped in Woodland to shop a bit. In the store we ran into our school mate from Arbuckle, Nancy Sweet. So there we stood being isle blockers and catching up on a few years of news in about 15 minutes. I’m always happy to see my dear friends. Nancy said the kindest thing to me. She said she believes I have influence and helped a few people along the way by what I write.

The thing is; when I sit down to write the column or other articles, I never know what is coming. It has been like that from the beginning. Whether I did an interview and then wrote an article, or I just started writing my thoughts. It just comes to me. I’m no great writer by any shakes, and I never claim to be all that wise. I think, as I’ve said many times, we each have a path. Sometimes we slip off the path, but if we climb back up and try again we usually see (hindsight is 20/20) where we were headed and that maybe it took that slip to help redirect us. Try to follow the right path.

My brother-in-law recently took the hiking trail from the Trees of Mystery down to Hidden Beach. He said it was a good trail with a few tree root obstacles, but he made it down there and was rewarded with a beautiful beach.

Coming back up the trail, he came to a “Y” and unfortunately he took the wrong direction. The result was a longer hike back to the hotel. He strayed off his path. Once he took a look at his course he realized where he had made his mistake. Back on the path that had been laid for him, he found his way back.
Life is good today. n

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