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What’s your plan? (08/15/2018)

Life was different for my ancestors. They didn’t jump in the car and drive a short distance to the super store to stock up or drive through fast food to eat a meal. Nor did they jump on the internet and go online to order supplies. Our pioneer fore fathers were homesteaders and they needed to be self-sufficient to stay alive and avoid extinction. I have memories of ‘the Ranch’ in my youngest years. It was far from how someone would describe a typical homestead of the 1800’s but starting my life out in the 1960’s there was still plenty of evidence. I remember chickens, gardens, plants, trees, canned items, root cellar, and the wind mill. At one time my great grandmother and the family lived a sustainable life here. It was a different world.

Today it would be hard to argue against life being described as instant gratification and material processions at our fingertip. When we live a lifestyle that is neither self-sufficient nor sustainable we create a recipe for trouble. I keep hearing that most of us are one paycheck away from declaring bankruptcy. Get away from working to pay the bills and build wealth. I have shared the Financial Pyramid in the past. I stated that the bottom of this pyramid is the ‘Protection’ level. The parts of this section include insurance, Will and Power of Attorney’s, and the establishment of an Emergency Fund. The types of insurance you should have include Life, Health, Disability, Critical Illness, and Long Term Care (LTC). Without these components, any or all wealth that you have accumulated is at risk of being spent in opposition to your plan. LTC doesn’t usually make this list and some financial experts have called it a luxury. LTC helps one prepare to pay the costs associated with the care needed after Health Insurance picks up the hospital cost or for care necessary in one’s Golden years. If not planned for, LTC expenses will take a big bite out of Retirement savings, inheritance, and legacy gifts. My challenge this week is to find one way to build some wealth. It might just be to live within your means. Thank you for following me here in the Pioneer Review. Please leave any comments with the Pioneer Review or at

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