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Life as I see it… (08/15/2018)


Thanks to the grace of God and some hero firefighters, we still have a home this week.
The Ranch Fire in California didn’t make it into Nice and to our home. It still stands. We know when we get home there’ll be lots of work to clean up the ash left behind, but the home is there. We are grateful.

It’s been another week of adventure. Tom and I along with all of my daughters and grandchildren spent two days in New Town, ND during the Little Shell Powwow.

While there, Becky and my granddaughter Lea were a part of the Walk of Remembrance. We also spent a day with our dear friend Keith Bear who acted as tour guide for us to visited the Earth Lodges. It was a great experience for all of us and a wonderful learning opportunity for the kids. I was very proud of all of the children because of the respect they showed. The days there were especially good for granddaughter Lea. She learned more than ever about her Native culture. It was special indeed.

I met Keith many years ago when we were both working on a film; Dakota Sunrise. He was an actor and I was the publicist. We became friends and then we became family. We have watched our children become adults and then parents themselves.

We are grandparents now each of us. Although a year or two might go by between visits, it doesn’t lessen the bond of friendship and family.

God is good like that. He brings to us the people we need in our lives.

While here in North Dakota, I’ve watched and appreciated the bond I see between my grandchildren. It reminds me of the bond my sister and I had with our cousins; Tom and Tony. The guys are both gone now and the loss of them lingers with me. We were close our entire lives.

It’s a wonderful feeling to see the same kind of bond grow with these cousins.

It’s important to love our families. It’s even better if we like them.

Life is good today.

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