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What’s your plan? (08/08/2018)

The lazy days of Summer are passed; Schools in the PHUSD opened today for the 2018-19 academic year. Some county schools are already open while the rest are scheduled for next week. Then it should be business as usual and I hope. I look forward to the routine and the relative calm of the grind. I lost the battle these last two months trying to get the Girls out of bed and accomplishing much of anything. I fear I am the hypocrite. But they are excited to be back in school (so are Mom and Dad). Sorry for the cliché, but were has the time gone? I am not necessarily referring to Summer. I have a 7th grader, a Freshman, and the Senior! Wasn’t it just yesterday that my oldest was in Kindergarten?

Going back to school is a little hectic in our home but setting it up in a To-Do list form made it easy to accomplish as we worked our plan. I am grateful for the excitement the Girls had to jump through loops and get their schedules. They showed motivation that they had apparently let hibernate for the Summer. I am also grateful that the days of taking an ink pen to all the paper work are gone. It’s the 2nd year that I completed the registration process online. The computer actually lived up to its hype and potential in this instance! Not much of our information changed so it was a pleasure getting through in minutes what took an hour plus before to duplicate. My thanks to all those involved at making it happen!
It is the season for back to school! Pierce’s new Principal David Vujovich put a smirk on my face when he wrapped up his welcome t the Freshmen Orientation with my paraphrasing to start your process now and make it yours! That’s what ‘What’s Your Plan’ is aiming at. My personal challenge to you this week is to get to the Back to School Nights/Open Houses that are scheduled for the near future. I do not direct this just to those that have students; attending these community events and being involved goes a long way to strengthening our society. Thank you for following me in the Pioneer Review and please leave any comments at

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