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What’s your plan? (08/22/2018)

I am starting to find some enjoyment writing my opinion column for the local paper. It gets me out of my comfort zone and stretches me, so I grow. Another one of my growth approaches occurs on Sundays; the Arens Family attends Church. Ours is a Lay Ministry and so we have no paid minister, pastor, or priest. Each member of the congregation will be asked to give the sermon at some point. I do not find it a delight when the task falls upon me, but I have matured to a point where it has become not as painful an ordeal for me or my audience. I have enjoyed watching my Girls give theirs (Sacrament Talks) over the years. They make it look easy. This past Sabbath we were taught by a 19 young woman who will be servicing an 18-month mission. None of the Missionaries are paid and they are expected to pick up the bill while they service. She wants to share the peace and joy (the Lord’s Tender Mercies) she knows with any who will listen.

This area has those that listen. I am not necessarily speaking religion, but specifically of those that lend an ear. This is what makes growing up in a small town the best. I had to make a great effort to find trouble and keep it from my parents. I never experienced this caring community atmosphere while living in the Sacramento area. I needed to come back home to see this blessing continue in my life and grow in my children. It is the care and nurture of those in a small town that provided this blooming. I recently had a choice experience of crossing paths with one of many who expressed an interest in me. He taught my peers and I Freshman History as well as Drivers Education. He would also coach me in JV basketball (I need to start asking permission to print names). It was the efforts of these individual that provided great value in and to my life. These people made a difference and I was blessed to have many in this small town! If I didn’t make it clear then how grateful I am for him and those individuals, let me print it now – THANK YOU! And what makes this so sweet is that I witness this now in the lives of my Girls! This week’s challenge: take a little more time to listen to someone who could use it and seek out someone that listened to you and thank them. Thank you for following me in the weekly Pioneer Review and please leave comments with the Pioneer Review or at

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