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Life… as I see it (08/22/2018)

Favorite places

We all have favorite places. You know, places that bring that feeling of contentment, and just overall peace.

For me, it’s the Black Hills of South Dakota. The beauty of it all just makes me feel good. For three days last week, we visited there. For me it was like going home, and for Tom it was a new adventure.

We were total tourists for the most part, visiting shops, buying trinkets and such. We visited The Chapel in the Hills and toured The Reptile Garden. These to places were places Tom wasn’t so enthusiastic to see, but once he went, he got it.

One of our highlights was time we had with dear friends; Vern and his mom Joyce. Again, Vern is a friend that became family.

Play time is over for now and it’s back to reality. Yesterday, we started the yard work at our house in Beach. I say we, but Tom did the hard stuff. I rode the mower. I do love a good riding lawn mower. It gives me that sense of farm girl that just never goes away if you were raised in the country.

Now, we’re in landscape mode. We’re off today to look for rock. We love doing this stuff. At our home in California we have some great rock that Tom moved from Southern California to Northern California where we live. Some of it might move to North Dakota.

This week my grandson Kohen will be six. It’s a week for celebration. We love this young man so much and we get such a kick out of him. It makes you want to be six again. I don’t want to go back forever, but sometimes when I hear Kohen say to his brother Vaughn; “Vaughn pretend this or that”, it makes me wish I could just say let’s pretend and all would be magically good. The birthdays for Tom and I this year are far from six.

All of my classmates celebrate a big number this year. Sadly I’m going to miss some of the parties since I’m in North Dakota.

My heart will be there.

Life is good today.

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