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What’s your plan (10/24/2018)

If there is one thing that the Arens’ household is not lacking in is the abundance of noise.

You might be able to image that the five of us are extremely efficient at creating a deafening racket. I will admit that the more peaceful moments come when we are listening to music. Each member of the family is unique in their choice of listening pleasure, but we have somehow come to agree that the Imagine Dragons is our families’ playlist. What I am proud of is that my daughters are becoming quite adept at creating a joyful noise. They collectively play the clarinet, violin, drum set, bell kit (xylophone), and a piano. I am thinking that the guitars are not likely to stay in storage too much longer. They could form their own band if they could put their childish scrabbling behind them. It was difficult in the beginning to endure; what they produced couldn’t actually be called music. But they invested time and kept practicing. If they continue to pay the price, they will each have a unique talent.

We might have introduced them to music, but it was the music program within the school district that has grown their abilities. Teaching music doesn’t seem to be all that valued in our society today. We probably are to blame because we passively let music programs get cut from our school’s curriculum as we heard that there were insufficient funds in the budget. The goal of our elementary, junior high, and high school system is to educate or make smart. With education comes increased knowledge and we hope, putting a person on the path to wisdom. Hearing music and learning to play an instrument makes one smarter.

It would benefit our children to have them playing a musical instrument in school as well as at an earlier age. Surfing the internet will take you to numerous sites that share an almost infinite amount of information on the benefits of music and learning an instrument. I hope that music in our schools might be something that we could do better at today. Share a kind word or two and let our music teachers know that they are appreciated. What can you do to help? Get a student interested in learning an instrument and cheer them on. Support your local music programs by attending their performances and donating to their needs.

Sunday, visit the Arbuckle Car Show and support the JJH Band by purchasing an item at the bake sale booth. I thank you for reading this week. Please leave any comments atâ– 

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